Deltech Furnaces Offers Sophisticated HMI Solutions

Did you know that HMI functions coupled with your Deltech furnace control system can do much more than simple data acquisition and logging? These days even the traditional chart recorder has been incorporated into programmable temperature controllers. These controllers feature the now familiar PID programming, multiple programs and supporting segments, and autotuning ability with additional graphical recording capability. Collected data can be viewed on the instruments in real time and through historical replay. The data can also be archived using a removable USB and data transfer via FTP.

PLCs designed for remote monitoring and control can now be integrated with PID control modules and multiple inputs and outputs to provide advanced system control plus data acquisition and communication. In addition to updating PLC programs and monitoring data remotely, the user can receive emails or mobile phone alerts of system status and alarms. These PLCs can be connected to your PC using a standard USB cable. Complete the system with a touchscreen LCD display.
Other SCADA type HMI systems control slave modules with PID control, data acquisition, and other module functionality such as a VFD for motor control.

Contact Deltech Furnaces to discuss how an HMI solution can be integrated with your Deltech furnace control system to provide the exact level of control and data monitoring that you need for your process.

Deltech Furnace control system with touchscreen interface
Deltech Furnace control system with touchscreen interface

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