Deltech introduces a new service

Deltech introduces a new service, toll firing. Actually we’ve been doing  toll firing projects all along, but only when approached by a customer or potential customer for a small scale run. Over the years we’ve fired novel ceramic products, metals, gemstones, and glasses. Often times the request for a firing is part of a proof-of-process. On other occasions someone just needs a few small parts fired, and our ability to sinter and deliver the parts in a short time and at a very reasonable price have been invaluable. Proof-of-process customers sometimes want to make sure they  can produce the desired outcomes before investing in a furnace. Those proving runs can also come into play in cases where the goal is to attract venture capital funds.

It’s not unusual to be asked to sign a non-disclosure agreement. In such cases details about the product composition must be revealed. Sometimes what’s novel is not the composition but the firing conditions, i.e. ramp and soak times or timing for the introduction of controlled atmospheres.

Most customers are delighted when they realize their expected outcomes. But on some occasions the “product” has fused with the crucible, or gone through the crucible and melted into the hearth plate. Nothing like a disappointing outcome when you are trying to develop a great new product or process.

So what’s the “new” in this new service? We’ve expanded our capabilities to include the ability to process larger parts,  conduct runs in controlled atmospheres, and fire up to 1800 degrees centigrade. And best of all – in response to many requests over the years – we will soon be offering toll firing services at temperatures up to 2000 degrees centigrade in air! Our 3600 degrees fahrenheit furnaces are special;  such high temperatures are normally only available in vacuum furnaces operating under controlled atmospheres. While vacuum furnaces are very expensive, our DT-36 models for operation in air and inert atmospheres are much less so and occupy a much smaller footprint. We’ll keep you posted – right here – when the 2000 degrees centigrade unit is ready to go. Meantime, please click on our Spare Parts and Service page for more information. And remember that as is the case with our furnace sales, it is our intent to work with you to meet your application requirements.

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