Materials Testing Furnaces

Materials testing furnaces are used to examine how materials properties change with temperature. Specifically, strength and ductility are evaluated under uniaxial tension stresses. The information is needed for the comparison of the properties of existing materials, in new materials development, in structural design, and in product conformance testing.

Creep rig testing is one common type of time dependent tensile testing done at constant temperature and under constant stress. Results are evaluated in terms of strain vs time to rupture.

Often engineers and researchers design their own creep rig or other tensile testing apparatus, and then require a furnace with custom features to meet their particular application requirements in addition to efficiently integrating with their mechanical system.

Deltech materials testing furnaces are made to order and to suit. Designs feature split shells for access to both the workpieces and the fixtures, single or multi-zone heating with independent control systems for each zone, and optional wall mount hardware and stands, also custom designed. Sustained operating temperatures up to 1800 degrees C in air and inert atmospheres.

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