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APSE Employer Award

APSE Employer Award

Deltech’s CEO, J.J. Stevenson, received the “Employment First” Recognition Award on behalf of the company in March as part of the Colorado APSE Annual Meeting. The mission of APSE is  “Engaging the neurodiverse community in competitive, integrated employment”.  The slogan you will find on their website is “Real jobs for real pay for all people with disabilities”.

Deltech’s first neurodiverse employee, hired in 2021 and still a member of the Deltech production team, came to us through T.A.C.T., a non-profit dedicated to employment and fair compensation for persons on the autistic spectrum. Both groups provide training, placement, and coaching to every person placed with an employer.

Mary Judy of Alpine Square nominated Deltech Furnaces for the APSE award. In her letter, she says of the employee who came to us from T.A.C.T.:

“On a site visit in 2022, this employee gave me an extensive tour of all of the work he performs on the manufacturing floor and proudly explained his personal contributions to answering client solution needs and how they had been incorporated into final products.”

Of the employee who came to us from Alpine Square, she says “Our candidate has been working with Deltech since the summer of 2023 and is supporting his family as he has always envisioned. When asked what he sees for the future, (he) says he’s hoping to retire from Deltech in another 20 years. And JJ and the Team are hoping for the same.”

At the APSE meeting, J.J. spoke to how Deltech Furnaces has been able to successfully integrate persons with disabilities into our manufacturing environment. The “match” is a win-win when both the company and the neurodiverse employee benefits. Both employees came in with a significant skill set, and J.J. and the production team worked to learn about and implement any required special accommodations. Then, like every employee, the training they received in our particular manufacturing processes provided the opportunities to learn and be successful.

APSE Employer Award

Custom furnace for nuclear waste treatment

Custom furnace for nuclear waste treatment on the production floor



All Deltech furnace systems are designed and manufactured in the U.S.A, and shipped and installed worldwide.