9 Feb

Element deformation

Element deformation When installed in the furnace and fired, molydisilicide heating elements can take on some interesting shapes. The characteristic “hairpin” can bow and bend. This is due to electro-magnetic forces. A certain amount of deformation is normal; see the photo below. The pictured Deltech furnace had been relined, new elements installed, fired to the […]

19 Dec

Time for a rebuild? Maybe.

Time for a rebuild? Maybe.                                     No one wants to unnecessarily invest down time, money, and labor into replacing furnace parts. But avoiding even higher costs and longer furnace down time due to catastrophic failures should also be […]

13 Dec

Deltech Furnaces featured in CompanyWeek

Deltech Furnaces featured in CompanyWeek If you are a manufacturer or a supplier to a manufacturer, you’ll be particularly interested in the story behind the feature: CompanyWeek is about manufacturers. It is the publication of an online platform called Sustainment. Sustainment describes their organization as designed “by and for manufacturers”. “Our software connects demand, supply, […]

26 May

Deltech Furnaces supports PACC-FMA

20 May

Deltech supports GOMD

Deltech supports GOMD Deltech is pleased to once again provide support for student travel to the annual Glass and Optical Materials Division meeting, being held this year from May 22nd-May 26th in Baltimore, Maryland. The organizers have also provided a virtual attendance option to accommodate ongoing travel restrictions. Glass and Optical Materials is one of […]

25 Mar

CSAT 2022 Sponsorship

CSAT 2022 Sponsorship Deltech Furnaces is pleased to be a sponsor, along with our customer Solvus Global, of the upcoming Cold Spray Action Team 2022 event. This year’s topic is Cold Spray Additive Manufacturing.Solvus Global uses a Deltech furnace in the preparation of powders for the cold spray process. You can watch a demonstration of […]

18 Feb

Custom furnace for nuclear waste treatment

Custom furnace for nuclear waste treatment Deltech Furnaces received a contract from Pacific Northwest National Laboratory in Richland, Washington for the design and build of a custom furnace for use in a dechlorination process of salt based nuclear waste. Per the authors of a paper resulting from the work accomplished during the project, “Salt based waste […]

1 Feb

Deltech Furnaces supplies Small Scale Tunnel Kilns to MGA Thermal

Deltech Furnaces supplies Small Scale Tunnel Kilns to MGA Thermal Deltech Furnaces was recently awarded a contract from MGA Thermal Pty Ltd to supply and install two custom designed, small scale, resistance heated tunnel kilns. Both feature HMI systems for control and data acquisition. One of the units features our “atmosphere envelope” design to allow […]

10 Dec

Deltech Compact Horizontal Tube Furnaces

Deltech Compact Horizontal Tube Furnaces Deltech, Inc. is pleased to introduce our newest horizontal tube design. Our newest horizontal tube furnaces are true “benchtop” units. They are lighter in weight and more compact, requiring a smaller footprint. A newfeature, a top plug provides convenient access to the furnace interior. Horizontal tube furnaces are useful for […]

6 Aug

Furnace ramp rates

Furnace ramp rates   Furnace Ramp Rates for 1600-1800 °C Models   Initial Heating/Element Seasoning…  Ramp the empty furnace to 1550 degrees Celsius at the rate of 100 degrees Celsius per hour; then hold at 1550 degrees Celsius for one hour. This procedure conditions the molydisilicide heating elements by allowing formation of a glass protective […]

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