10 Dec

Deltech Compact Horizontal Tube Furnaces

Deltech Compact Horizontal Tube Furnaces Deltech, Inc. is pleased to introduce our newest horizontal tube design. Our newest horizontal tube furnaces are true “benchtop” units. They are lighter in weight and more compact, requiring a smaller footprint. A newfeature, a top plug provides convenient access to the furnace interior. Horizontal tube furnaces are useful for […]

6 Aug

Furnace ramp rates

Furnace ramp rates   Furnace Ramp Rates for 1600-1800 °C Models   Initial Heating/Element Seasoning…  Ramp the empty furnace to 1550 degrees Celsius at the rate of 100 degrees Celsius per hour; then hold at 1550 degrees Celsius for one hour. This procedure conditions the molydisilicide heating elements by allowing formation of a glass protective […]

6 Aug

Glass melt furnaces used in environmental research

Glass melt furnaces used in environmental research             This photo of a researcher pouring glass that was melted in a Deltech glass melt furnace appears on the homepage for the Alfred University Center for Glass Innovation. According to the information posted there, the Center was established at the New York […]

4 Aug

Visit us at Ceramics Expo 2021!

Visit us at Ceramics Expo 2021! Update from close of show: see photo to the right of Co-Owner/Director of Sales, Engineering, and Production J.J. Stevenson in our booth at the Expo. It was surprisingly well attended given that Covid continues to present special problems for travelers, especially those coming from places outside of the United […]

2 Jul

Deltech Vertical Tube Furnace and the Z Machine

Deltech Vertical Tube Furnace and the Z Machine Sandia National Laboratories in Albuquerque New Mexico has a machine that can “create conditions found nowhere else on earth”. It is “the most powerful and efficient laboratory radiation source. It uses high magnetic fields associated with high electrical currents to product high temperatures, high pressures, and powerful […]

4 May

FAQs: Atmosphere Envelope Furnaces

FAQs: Atmosphere Envelope Furnaces   What exactly is an atmosphere envelope furnace? The furnace features a gas tight working chamber that can be operated at up to .022 atmospheric pressure. Glands seal the electrodes and thermocouples, and the door is sealed with silicone or viton material. The result is a sealed envelope that allows processing in […]

20 Apr

Deltech furnaces meet NFPA 86 guidelines

Deltech furnaces meet current NFPA 86 guidelines The National Fire Protection Association is a nonprofit organization that promotes fire and electrical safety and related concerns. Despite its name, it has international reach. Perhaps you know the organization, through “Sparky”, their mascot that helps promote fire safety to children, a bit like Smokey the Bear promotes forest […]

30 Mar

Thermocouple options: Repair, Recalibrate, Replace

Thermocouple options: Repair, Recalibrate, Replace   Introducing our new 3R program Noble metal pricing continues to climb exponentially, causing thermocouples to become more and more expensive.  The 3R program has been developed to ensure that you our customers are getting the longest life possible out of each thermocouple, potentially saving you thousands of dollars per […]

5 Mar

Vertical Tube Furnaces never die!

11 Oct

6000 Year Old Furnace Found in Israel

6000 Year Old Furnace Found in Israel The Journal of Archeological Science reported that a furnace made of tin and clay was found in Israel. It dates from some 6000 years ago. Evidence – including the presence of slag, a glass like byproduct, suggests it was used for smelting copper ore. Metals smelting belongs to […]

Covid- 19 Update: As a part of the critical manufacturing supply chain, Deltech Furnaces remains FULLY OPERATIONAL