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30 Mar

Thermocouple options: Repair, Recalibrate, Replace

Thermocouple options: Repair, Recalibrate, Replace   Introducing our new 3R program Noble metal pricing continues to climb exponentially, causing thermocouples to become more and more expensive.  The 3R program has been developed to ensure that you our customers are getting the longest life possible out of each thermocouple, potentially saving you thousands of dollars per […]

5 Mar

Vertical Tube Furnaces never die!

11 Oct

6000 Year Old Furnace Found in Israel

6000 Year Old Furnace Found in Israel The Journal of Archeological Science reported that a furnace made of tin and clay was found in Israel. It dates from some 6000 years ago. Evidence – including the presence of slag, a glass like byproduct, suggests it was used for smelting copper ore. Metals smelting belongs to […]

4 Aug

New Compact Horizontal Tube Furnaces

New Compact Horizontal Tube Furnaces Deltech, Inc. is pleased to introduce our new horizontal tube design. Our newest horizontal tube furnaces are true “benchtop” units. They are lighter in weight and more compact, requiring a smaller footprint. A new feature, a top plug provides convenient access to the furnace interior. Horizontal tube furnaces are useful […]

21 Jul

Deltech Furnaces is Hiring Again!

Deltech Furnaces is Hiring Again! Demand for our furnace systems continues strong despite the uncertain economic times and the continuing hardships presented by Covid-19. We need to add to Production Technicians to our team, and as soon as possible. Be assured that your safety is a high priority: Everyone at Deltech is required to wear […]

23 Apr

Support our local restaurants!

Support our local restaurants! Adams County Government has launched the AdCo to Go campaign. The campaign is meant to encourage everyone in Adams County to order takeout or delivery from our local restaurants. We all know that restaurants from coast to coast are among the businesses hardest hit by the Covid-19 crisis. Adams County Government […]

21 Apr

Deltech Furnaces is Hiring!

Deltech Furnaces is Hiring! As an “essential” company, we are required to stay operational despite the pandemic. In order to do our best to meet our customers’ requirements, many of whom are also deemed “essential”, we need to add two people to our production team. The positions are full time, Monday through Friday, 7:00 a.m. […]

23 Mar

Covid-19 and Deltech Furnaces

Covid-19 and Deltech Furnaces If you are an existing Deltech customer or thinking of becoming one, you want to know that we are here when you need us, whether that’s for a furnace, spare parts, or troubleshooting and technical assistance. For now, it is business as usual…almost! We are glad to report that Deltech Furnaces […]

28 Feb

Which bench top model is best for you?

Which bench top model is best for you? Our director of Sales, Design, and Engineering prepared this tutorial to help someone unfamiliar with the world of bench top laboratory furnaces decide on the best model for their applications. All three are easy to operate and maintain and have features which facilitate different kinds of thermal […]

24 Feb

Deltech Furnaces Environmental Health and Safety Program

Deltech Furnaces Environmental Health and Safety Program is ComplyWorks approved Every corporation wants to be a good corporate citizen, and that requires caring about environmental health and safety (EHS). Deltech Furnaces’ Environmental Health and Safety Program recently received approval from ComplyWorks. We were introduced to ComplyWorks and their very rigorous standards by one of our major […]

Covid- 19 Update: As a part of the critical manufacturing supply chain, Deltech Furnaces remains FULLY OPERATIONAL