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26 Jan

Deltech Furnaces Offers Sophisticated HMI Solutions

Deltech Furnaces Offers Sophisticated HMI Solutions Did you know that HMI (human machine interface) functions coupled with your Deltech furnace control system can do much more than simple data acquisition and logging? These days even the traditional chart recorder has been incorporated into programmable temperature controllers. These controllers feature the now familiar PID programming, multiple […]

22 Jan

Deltech representatives: A new website and a new baby!

Deltech’s representatives in Latin America, Heptatec, and in Mexico, ATG Instrumentacion, had good news to share. Heptatec S.R.L. recently launched their new website. This small company prototypes and manufactures specialty ceramics to very tight tolerances. Their products are as aesthetically pleasing as they are functional. We use their high alumina ceramic pins and washers as […]

13 Dec

Five Things You May Not Know About Choosing a Batch Glass Melt Furnace

Corrosion Resistance is essential. The most important characteristic of any batch glass melt furnace is that the lining be able to withstand the highly corrosive fumes frequently generated by glass chemistry at high temperatures. High alumina ceramic for temperatures up to 1700 deg C and cast zirconia for temperatures from 1800 to 2000 deg C […]

12 Dec

Colorado School of Mines uses custom Deltech furnaces for fuel cell studies

Click here to view a feature article in Ceramic Industry magazine highlighting research by Dr. Neal Sullivan, director of the Colorado Fuel Cell Center at the Colorado School of Mines. Dr. Sullivan has three Deltech top hat furnaces in his laboratories in addition to the three clamshell units featured in the article. Want to learn […]

3 Dec

Education for jobs: Deltech Furnaces Supports Education at AdCo Commissioners Career Expo

Deltech Furnaces participated in the Adams County Commissioners Career Expo on November 19, 2013. The Expo gives 5500 area eighth graders the opportunity to find out what various local companies do and what levels and kinds of education are required to work in those industries. Deltech Furnaces sent two of our youngest production technicians, Cody […]

20 Nov

Deltech Furnaces are “Colorado Made”

As part of the state of Colorado’s Brand Colorado program, Deltech Furnaces has been authorized to use the “Colorado Made” mark for our electric laboratory and production furnaces. We have added the mark to our packaging labels to identify our products as both made in Colorado and made in the U.S.A. As a Colorado company […]

31 Oct

Deltech controlled atmosphere furnaces in Earth and Planetary Science research

Make a virtual visit to Dr. Philip Skemer’s lab at the department of Earth and Planetary Sciences at Washington University in Saint Louis, you’ll see a Deltech 1600 deg C controlled atmosphere horizontal tube furnace system featuring an integrated vacuum assist module, water cooled tube seals, and an integrated gas mixing system. On his webpage, […]

11 Oct

Five things to know when buying an industrial furnace

Five things to know when buying an industrial furnace The maximum rated operating temperature of the industrial furnace may not be the sustained operating temperature. For example, an industrial furnace with a maximum use temperature of 1700 deg C might have a recommended continuous use temperature of 1600 deg C. This means that if you […]

9 Sep

Deltech Furnaces “recycles” by minimizing the use of plain vanilla packaging

Down with plain vanilla and up with environmental “Green”! Even though we are all concerned with the health of our environment, it’s sometimes easy to overlook the obvious. A few months ago a member of the Deltech Furnaces team questioned why we were throwing away packaging materials from incoming shipments and buying new materials to […]

26 Aug

About Deltech

Deltech, Inc. started as a small corporation established in 1968 by a family who lived in Denver, Colorado. One of the founders of this company is Calvin L. Stevenson, who is currently its CEO and Technical Director. However, the tradition is still followed and, as you can imagine, most of the daily operations related to […]

Covid- 19 Update: As a part of the critical manufacturing supply chain, Deltech Furnaces remains FULLY OPERATIONAL