20 Feb

Deltech Furnaces mourns the loss of our founder

Deltech Furnaces mourns the loss of our founder, Calvin L. Stevenson. Calvin L. Stevenson served as Deltech’s Chairman of the Board and Technical Director until his death on February 16, 2016. Born August 2nd, 1930 in Anaconda, Montana to Calvin Stevenson and Olga Miller Stevenson.  He died on February 16, 2016 in Denver, Colorado, his […]

22 Jan

“Cowboy Up!”

Cowboy up! “Cowboy up!” Just one of the many wise, witty, and too-the-point pieces of advice for plant managers that can be found in the book “On The Plant Floor”. Written by Bryan D. Geary and Carlton F. Sorrell of OPF Enterprises based in Missoula, Montana, the book is aimed at “both the inexperienced new […]

25 Jun

Why The Ceramic And Glass Industry Is A Great Career Path Today

Careers in Ceramics and Glass From a technology and science perspective there has perhaps never been a better time to be involved to some degree in the ceramic and glass industry. Bright young minds with an abundance of creativity and scientific wherewithal are increasingly being drawn to this important industry and all that it offers. […]

4 Apr

Deltech Furnaces: SBDC Success Story

Deltech Furnaces is now an  SBDC success story! The Small Business Development Center is one of the best places that is unknown to most small business owners. From the North Metro Denver center website: The SBDC combines information and resources from federal, state, and local governments with those of the education system and private sector to […]

31 Mar

Deltech furnace used to fire Boeing CMC Nozzle for CLEEN Project

The Deltech furnace used to fire a CMC (Ceramic Matrix Composite) nozzle designed by Boeing and built by ATK affiliate COI Ceramics has an interesting history. It started out as the largest furnace Deltech had ever built: a custom top hat model furnace featuring a 10 foot in diameter x 3 foot high workspace. It was purchased […]

5 Dec

Fusion – the future of power controllers

Our Engineering Manager just introduced me to the newest generation of SCR power controllers manufactured by our longtime supplier partner, Control Concepts. These software driven instruments precisely control the amount of power going to the molydisilicide heating elements in Deltech furnace systems. Molydisilicide elements have zero resistance on startup, so amperage must be carefully controlled […]

8 Nov

Deltech Furnaces introduces Safe-T-Air as our Canadian representative

Deltech Furnaces now has a Canadian sales representative! We are pleased to introduce Allan Wright of Safe-T-Air, headquartered in Manotick, Ontario. Mr. Wright has more than 20 years of experience in industrial sales in machinery manufacturing; professional, scientific, and technical services; engineering; and medicine. Safe-T-Air designs, supplies, and installs systems to solve air pollution problems, […]

29 Oct

More on glass… Watch PBS documentary on the history of glass

Click here to read about a current PBS documentary on glass. The feature on the history of glass can be viewed online through November 5th. And in case you missed it, see our blog on art glassblowing and scientific glassblowing. Deltech manufactures batch size and small production scale glass melt furnaces for operation from 1550-1800 deg […]

25 Oct

Deltech Furnaces in Colorado School of Mines Fuel Cell Center – Part 2: GFC Project Update

Update on Deltech Furnaces in Colorado Fuel Cell Center: Recall this post and the feature in Ceramic Industry on Deltech clamshell furnaces in use by Dr. Neil Sullivan for his research on geothermic fuel cells (GFCs)? After manufacturing the furnaces, Deltech received a contract from IEP and the Fuel Cell Center to build the assembly that would be […]

10 Oct

Love glass? Visiting Denver? See Chihuly exhibit

If you love glass and you are visiting Denver prior to November 30, 2014, you’ll want to visit the Denver Botanic Gardens to see the Dale Chihuly installations! From the Botanic Gardens website, we learn that ” Chihuly is credited with revolutionizing the Studio Glass movement and elevating the perception of the glass medium from the realm of […]

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