20 Apr

Five Things you should know about Furnace Startup

Five Things you should know about Furnace Startup Control Parameters. Deltech is responsible for the initial configuration of your temperature and limit controllers prior to the shipment of your furnace system. This includes setting the thermocouple type, temperature scale, upper and lower temperature limits, PID values, and events. Should you wish to verify or change […]

12 Jul

Help avoid “furnace down” crises

23 Jun

Meltdown! How to Avoid a Furnace Disaster

Meltdown! How to avoid a furnace disaster by using the safety features of the furnace system No one wants to hear “furnace” and “disaster” in the same sentence. Your new Deltech furnace control system was supplied with a limit controller to help you avoid one kind of catastrophe. A limit controller is a relatively inexpensive […]

1 Apr

Meltdown! Beware of Manual Mode Operation

Dangers of manual mode furnace operation… Your high temperature lab furnace system was supplied with a programmable temperature controller which allows you to input numerous programs with various segments such as “ramp”, “soak”, and “repeat”. You can then, for example, select program #1 for product #1 and walk away, free of the need to monitor […]

8 Jan

Introduction to Deltech Furnaces Resistance Heating Systems

Following is a brief introduction to how the main components of a Deltech Furnaces resistance heating system work together. The main components are the (1) control system, including the temperature controller and control thermocouple; power control system (including SCR power controller, current transformer, and ammeter); transformer; and overtemperature protection circuit (including a limit controller, contactor, […]

3 Jul

Why use a transformer? And why Olsun transformers?

  We’ve been asked why we control the power to molydisilicide heating elements using not only a phase angle fired SCR power controller, but also an isolation type stepdown transformer. After all, the SCR will do a good job of regulating the volts and amps required to fire the load, and the transformer is an […]

7 May

About Molydisilicide (MoSi2) Heating Elements

Most Deltech furnaces are designed for maximum operating temperatures in the 1500-1800 deg C range and for operation in air, so molydisilicide heating elements are used because of their ability to quickly attain and sustain high temperatures and their affinity for oxidizing atmospheres. Despite their robust appearance they are a fragile, glasslike material with low […]

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