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“Cowboy Up!”

Cowboy Up

Bryan Geary and Carl Sorrell of On The Plant Floor

Cowboy up!

“Cowboy up!” Just one of the many wise, witty, and too-the-point pieces of advice for plant managers that can be found in the book “On The Plant Floor”. Written by Bryan D. Geary and Carlton F. Sorrell of OPF Enterprises based in Missoula, Montana, the book is aimed at “both the inexperienced new leader and the seasoned manager”. Although this delightful book is focused on the challenges of daily life on the factory floor, it offers guidance for any manager in any environment, coaching the reader towards the mutually dependent goals of being a better leader and a better person. This blogger found herself recognizing her own experiences and failures (and the occasional victory) in the accounts of real world situations that appear on every page. This is not your ordinary boring management book written from on high and filled with platitudes that won’t help you out when you are faced with difficult people and natural disasters (you heard right; check out the chapter entitled, “Disaster Strikes”). These guys aren’t afraid to tell you about the mistakes they’ve made and what they’ve learned from them that can help us all to be and do better.

Geary and Sorrell have 60 plus years of being in the leadership trenches in manufacturing, and that experience and their candor make this book the powerful (and entertaining) tool that it is. You can order a copy from Amazon for a nominal fee. Trust this blogger; it’s a good read!

And check out their website On The Plant Floor to learn about how they can help you and your manufacturing operations or click here for a link to their Capabilities Brochure.

You can also learn more about their book during their presentation at the  upcoming Ceramics Expo. Click here for more information.

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