Deltech Furnaces “recycles” by minimizing the use of plain vanilla packaging

Down with plain vanilla and up with environmental “Green”!

Even though we are all concerned with the health of our environment, it’s sometimes easy to overlook the obvious. A few months ago a member of the Deltech Furnaces team questioned why we were throwing away packaging materials from incoming shipments and buying new materials to use for our outgoing shipments. After all, many of those discarded materials were in excellent condition and could have been “recycled” for the benefit of Deltech furnaces, our customers, and our planet. That environmentally conscious observation sparked the Deltech Furnaces “recycling” program. Over the past few months the Deltech Furnaces team has been reusing boxes, loosefill, and bubble wrap from every incoming package for our outbound shipping. We also use paper that has gone into our recycle bins by shredding it and using it for packing material.This means that some of the packages you receive from Deltech Furnaces may be, well… “colorful”. As always, every shipment is packed to ensure the safe arrival of its contents at your lab or office door.

Our other environmentally conscious efforts:

When we must use new materials, we use recyclable boxes and biodegradeable loosefill

We donate metals to neighborhood scrap metal collectors

Ÿ We purchased an energy audit from our local energy cooperative

and implemented their recommendations

Join us in the human effort to save our environment: “ship it forward”!

Deltech Furnaces Recycles each and every box to keep the ENVIRONMENT
These boxes are NOT destined for the dumpster!

Deltech Furnaces reuses Packaging Materials
Watch for one of these labels on your packages from Deltech Furnaces


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