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Change in payment terms

Deltech Furnaces offers 2% net in 10 payment terms

Deltech, Inc, (aka Deltech Furnaces) is announcing a change in our payment terms effective February 1, 2017.  Customers can now choose to receive a two percent discount for payments sent and received within ten days of the invoice date. We invite all of our customers to take advantage of this cost saving opportunity.

Please review the following terms and conditions statement which includes information on how Deltech furnaces are supplied and our warranty statement:


Unless exceptions / changes are expressly stated in writing by a Deltech officer, the following conditions apply:

Quoted prices do not include freight, insurance, installation*, duties, or taxes (Deltech collects and remits state and RTD taxes for shipments within Colorado only.) Quotations by letter are firm for a period of 90 days, unless otherwise stated. Prices are subject to change without notice.

*Deltech furnace systems are shipped in one or more crates, each weighing a minimum of several hundred pounds. The customer is responsible for unloading, uncrating, and placement of the systems in their facility, as well as the availability and connections of electrical power and other utilities such as air and water as applicable. Deltech systems require hard wire electrical connections by a certified electrician.  Deltech is responsible for supplying installation and operation manuals, which include recommended wire types and sizes and ratings for disconnects.  (Note: Optional Nema connector sets are available for select furnace models; please consult our Engineering team).

 Payment terms for new customers are 50% down with order, 40% prior to shipment and upon optional inspection and approval on our site, and the remaining 10% due within 30 days after shipment. Payment terms for existing customers making purchases for shipment to U.S. destinations for amounts less than $50,000 are net in 30 days (we offer a 2% discount for payment within ten days of date of invoice)  in U.S. dollars made payable through a U.S. bank, subject to credit approval. Overdue invoices are subject to a 1.5% monthly interest charge which is an annual percentage rate of 18%. In the event that any collection action is required to collect unpaid balances, reasonable attorney fees and expenses shall be recoverable.  Customers making purchases for shipment to international destinations for amounts less than $50,000 are required to make full advance payment in U.S. dollars or issue an irrevocable letter of credit payable through a U.S. bank in U.S. dollars. Duties and taxes are for the purchaser and may be invoiced separately from the shipping charges. Payment terms for all customers regardless of shipment destination making purchases in amounts over $50000 are 50% down with order, 40% immediately prior to shipment, and the balance within 30 days after shipment (all payments to be made in U.S. dollars). A 3% processing fee will be charged for payments made by credit card in amounts over $5000. Deltech reserves at all times the right to alter or suspend credit and / or to change credit terms.

 Warranty For a period of twelve months from the date of shipment to Deltech’s purchaser on direct sales, Deltech agrees to correct any defect in workmanship or material in products manufactured by Deltech by repair or replacement of defective parts F.O.B Factory, provided that the products are owned by the original purchaser and have received normal and proper usage. Note that the Furnace Insulation, Heating Elements, Thermocouples and Ceramic Process Tubes are normal replacement parts having a useful life solely dependent upon usage. These parts are warranted to be free from defects in workmanship and materials only at the time of receipt by the purchaser. Purchaser shall, upon request and at the purchaser’s expense, return any defective parts to Deltech for inspection. The decision whether products will be repaired or replaced belongs exclusively to Deltech. Warranty repaired / replaced items will be returned to the purchaser via the lowest cost surface transportation method, freight prepaid by Deltech. At Deltech’s discretion, a per diem charge for travel, living expenses, and time spent outside the scope of the warranty may be assessed for warranty repairs made outside of Deltech’s facility. This warranty is in lieu of all other warranties, express or implied. 

Contact if you have any questions.

All Deltech furnace systems are designed and manufactured in the U.S.A, and shipped and installed worldwide.