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Deltech Furnaces supplies Small Scale Tunnel Kilns to MGA Thermal

Deltech Furnaces supplies Small Scale Tunnel Kilns to MGA Thermal

Deltech Furnaces was recently awarded a contract from MGA Thermal Pty Ltd to supply and install two custom designed, small scale, resistance heated tunnel kilns. Both feature HMI systems for control and data acquisition. One of the units features our “atmosphere envelope” design to allow processing in inert gases.

MGA Thermal is a scale up business headquartered in Australia. The company is empowering renewables through thermal energy storage. Their core technology is a newly invented type of thermal storage material, Miscibility Gap Alloys (MGA). MGA blocks store a huge amount of energy as heat, in a safe and easy to use way.

According to Ben Fraser, Research Engineer with MGA,

“The tunnel kilns will be essential for MGA Thermal’s scaled up manufacturing plant, situated in Newcastle, Australia, which will have the capacity to make more than 1 MWh worth of thermal energy storage blocks per day.” 

“MGA Thermal chose Deltech as their kiln supplier due to Deltech’s continuous tunnel kiln experience, and for their flexibility which is ideal for an R&D startup company such as MGA Thermal.”

Learn more about MGA. Learn more about Deltech’s small scale tunnel kilns.  

Deltech Furnaces supplies small scale tunnel kilns to MGA Thermal for use in the manufacture of energy storage blocks.

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