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Lab Scale RS Glass Melt Maintenance Guide

We all know maintenance can prevent future problems. It can help minimize furnace downtime and ensure operator safety. Do you have a lab scale Deltech glass melt furnace? Most often this will be a bottom loading unit, but top hat and front load models can also be supplied. If so, you’ll be interested in knowing the recommended maintenance for these ceramic lined furnaces. The timeline for recommended maintenance is based on use under Deltech firing guidelines and the assumption that the composition of the items being fired is not detrimental to the performance of the heating elements and refractory materials.

Every month

  1. Inspect the interior of your furnace for cracking and sagging. The ceramic lining is very corrosive and heat resistant, so you can expect to get long life out of this refractory material. Some units will feature ceramic anchors and washers; these should be replaced if broken. Spares and replacement instructions are available from Deltech.


  1. If you have a top hat or bottom load model, inspect the furnace load platform for deterioration. Ensure that when the furnace is closed and fired, no light is escaping. Replacement load platform parts are available from Deltech.


Replace the thermocouples. Thermocouples are subject to aging and will read low over time. This can lead to the actual furnace temperature being much higher than that indicated on the temperature controllers. This can lead to element and refractory damage and ultimate failure.


Every 3-5 years

It might be time to consider purchasing a complete reline kit from Deltech, fabricated to fit your furnace. Over time the insulation loses its thermal properties and it might be difficult to get the furnace to reach setpoint temperatures. Inspect the furnace for deterioration, review your setpoint vs actual data, and send us some pictures and firing data for analysis and recommendations if you are unsure.

As needed

Heating elements only need to be replaced when they fail. And they can be replaced independently; that is you can replace only the failed elements in a series rather than having to replace them all.  Review our element replacement tutorial videos for information on locating and replacing damaged molydisilicide heating elements. Spares are available from Deltech.

And don’t forget to inspect and replace buss bars, element holders, and straps as needed. Pitted bars, frayed straps, and broken or damaged holders can result in arcing and loss of elements.


Contact us when you have questions or need parts or service for your Deltech lab scale glass melt furnace.

All Deltech furnace systems are designed and manufactured in the U.S.A, and shipped and installed worldwide.