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New decade brings a Co-pilot!

New decade brings a co-pilot!

Deltech’s board of directors announced that J.J. Stevenson is now Deltech’s co-pilot and owner of 49% of the company. Current president Mary Stevenson retains 51% which allows Deltech to retain  WOSB (woman owned small business) status. Mr. Stevenson previously owned 20% of the stock.

Both will receive new titles which reflect their “co-pilot” roles:

Mr. Stevenson – Director (Sales, Design, and Engineering)

Dr. Stevenson – Director (Marketing, Human, Resources, and Finance)

Dr. Stevenson announced the change to employees saying, “The new titles better reflect our actual areas of expertise and responsibility. As we have been working well together in this mode for several years now, both before and after we lost Cal, you shouldn’t expect to see any dramatic changes in Deltech’s operations.”

Dr. Stevenson first joined the company in 1984, and began serving as Deltech’s president in the 1990s. Mr. Stevenson began working at Deltech as a high school student, and continued on a part time basis until 2005. At that time he became a full time member of the engineering team after earning a master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering. He became Deltech’s Engineering Manager in 2015.

Another family member – (Deltech’s founder, the late Calvin L. Stevenson’s grandson) –  Ryan White –   joined the Deltech Engineering team in 2017. He too has a new title better reflecting his current role:

Mechanical Engineer / Quality Assurance Manager

Mr. White successfully piloted Deltech through the  process of acquiring ISO 9001:2015 certification, and continues to monitor, maintain and augment our quality assurance program. In addition to acquiring additional responsibilities in Engineering and Sales, he is currently piloting Deltech Furnaces towards ASME NQA-1 certification. Deltech gratefully acknowledges the financial support and expertise received from the State of Colorado, Front Range Community College, and Manufacturer’s Edge in developing these quality assurance programs.

Deltech’s directors and Mr. White are scheduled to meet with our Small Business Development Center (SBDC) advisor Jon Jaggers to discuss 2020 strategy. The entire Deltech team is grateful to the SBDC and especially Mr. Jaggers for the expert advice and support we have received for the past five years. Continuing this relationship will most certainly be a part of our strategic plan.

New decade brings a co-pilot! We are looking forward to continuing to serve the materials science community in the decade ahead.

All Deltech furnace systems are designed and manufactured in the U.S.A, and shipped and installed worldwide.