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Old furnace and no customer support?

Old furnace and no customer support?

You bought a furnace, now you need parts, elements, or troubleshooting assistance. But the manufacturer is unresponsive or just flat out says “no”.

Come to Deltech Furnaces! We can

  • Assist your troubleshooting efforts
  • Supply replacement elements
  • Supply replacement parts, including control system components
  • Rebuild and reconfigure the system to operate at different temperatures
  • Make custom modifications to best fit your process requirements

We will leave you with an optimally performing furnace system at a reasonable cost. You can even send the system to us for diagnostics, repairs, and installation of any needed new components.

We have experience with CM Furnaces, Lindberg Furnaces, MTI Furnaces, and others. One of our customers brings her Lindberg front load furnaces to us for rebuilds and for custom modifications.

  • Benchtop or production scale
  • Standard or custom
  • Any configuration including front load, bottom (elevator) load, top hat, vertical tube, horizontal tube
  • Onsite troubleshooting, repairs, rebuilds for rotary kilns and tunnel kilns
  • With or without controlled atmosphere features

If your furnace is resistance heated, you are in excellent hands with Deltech Furnaces!

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servicing paragon kiln

Servicing a furnace manufactured by another company.

Old furnace and no customer support?

All Deltech furnace systems are designed and manufactured in the U.S.A, and shipped and installed worldwide.