Bottom Load Furnaces

Deltech bottom load furnaces are available in octagonal (BL) and rectangular (SBL) workspace designs. Most models for operation at 1300° C and above are resistance heated using either silicon carbide or molydisilicide heating elements. The highest quality fiberboard and blanket materials are used for insulation. Our unique impact-resistant fiberboard exterior design facilitates convection cooling (no fans required) while keeping the outer surfaces cool to the touch for operator safety. Your choice of pneumatic (100 psi required) or electric lifts. The pneumatic systems are variable speed; the electric actuator has a fixed travel rate of approximately two seconds per inch (2.5cm).

Options include programmable door operation; forced air and exhaust vent flaps to facilitate binder burnout, for faster cooling, or to increase airflow as needed to meet process requirements. Atmosphere envelope models are available for applications requiring inert atmospheres. Removable atmosphere modification kits allow inexpensive operation in inert gases as needed.

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