Bottom Loading Vertical Tube Furnaces

The VTOSD bottom loading vertical tube furnaces incorporate the controlled atmosphere capability of our vertical tube furnaces with the convenience of bottom loading for relatively small samples or crucibles.

-Air cooled aluminum seal in the load platform with a fiberboard load pedestal.
-Removable aluminum water cooled top seal featuring an easily removable top plate to allow access to the tube interior without having to remove the entire seal.
-An alumina process tube is included.
-Your choice of pneumatic or electric lifting mechanisms allows smooth opening and closing of the furnace as well as rapid sample quenching. The variable speed pneumatic lift system requires 100 psi. The electric lift has a fixed travel rate of 35 inches per minute.
-Tube outer diameters up to 4” / 10cm and heated zones up to 36” / 91cm.

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