Glass Melt Furnaces

Deltech Glass Melt Furnaces

Deltech glass melt furnaces were designed in conjunction with Sandia Laboratories to provide the reliability and durability needed for batch melt processes.

  • Ceramic lined – not fiber lined – to resist chemical attack through years of continuous use
  • Bottom load design with access from three sides allows for rapid pouring and quenching
  • Top hat design with access from three sides provides maximum load stability. The furnace body moves; the load platform remains stationary. Ideal for applications in which product quality depends on processing and cooling the glass in situ
  • Front load and bottom loading vertical tube models, too
  • The dense ceramic used in the lining stores heat so that the furnace quickly returns to the desired process temperature
  • Resistance heated using silicon carbide or molydisilicide heating elements depending upon the maximum desired operating temperature
  • Split plugs in roof for convenient use of a stirring apparatus
  • Sustained operating temperatures up to 1800 degrees celsius
  • Choice of electric or pneumatic (100 psi required) lift systems
  • Control systems are UL 508A compliant as certified by Intertek

Options include:

  • Programmable stirring mechanisms to control the motor power to maintain rpm through viscosity changes. Other features include the ability to program raising and lowering the stir paddles into the melt at programmed intervals.
  • Atmosphere envelope designs for processing in inert atmospheres
  • Robotic features for applications such as automated melt pouring
  • Element protection liners for use when the heating elements must be shielded from glass compositions
  • HMI systems with such features as data logging and remote control
  • Sight ports
  • Load platforms with drain plugs to allow glass to flow directly into a mold
  • Kiln cars: manually or automatically remove filled molds and position the next mold

Applications include the research, development, and manufacture of bio, optical, nuclear waste containment. and other specialty glasses.

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