Glass Melt Furnaces

Deltech glass melt furnaces were designed in conjunction with Sandia Laboratories to provide the reliability and durability needed for batch melt processes. Every Deltech glass melt furnace has a hard ceramic lining to resist chemical attack through years of continuous use. The bottom load design with access from three sides allows for rapid pouring and quenching. The dense ceramic used in the lining stores heat so that the furnace quickly returns to the desired process temperature. Resistance heated using silicon carbide or molydisilicide heating elements. Choice of electric or pneumatic (100 psi required) lift systems.

Options include stirring mechanisms, atmosphere envelope designs for processing in inert atmospheres, robotic features, element protection liners, and HMI systems. Every Deltech control system is certified by Intertek to comply with UL508A requirements.

Applications include the research, development, and manufacture of bio, optical, nuclear waste containment. and other specialty glasses.