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NEW Service: Toll Firing

toll-firingDo you need to do a proof-of-concept test of a process or material before you invest in a furnace? Or need just a few parts sintered, or have a part that needs fired that is too large to fit in your furnace?

We offer small scale, occasional toll firing at reasonable prices. Our capabilities include:

Firing at up to 1800 degrees centigrade, 5” in diameter x 6” high clear work area Controlled atmosphere processing at up to 1700 degrees centigrade, 10” cubed clear work area Sintering of larger parts at up to 1700 degrees centigrade, 20” x 20” x 8” work zone

Coming soon: Firing at 2000 degrees centigrade in air!! We have had many requests from scientists and engineers who are interested in our 3600 degrees Fahrenheit furnaces, but would like to conduct a test run first. The work space size is 5” in diameter x 6” high.

You may conduct your testing at our facility or have us do the test runs for you, returning all materials and providing you with datalogs.

Contact us for more information and pricing for your specific project needs.

General Parts and Service

Deltech's Engineering Manager troubleshoots a Paragon kiln

Deltech’s Engineering Manager troubleshoots a Paragon kiln

Our technicians installing a heating element for a Deltech Furnace

Our technicians installing a heating element for a Deltech Furnace

Consult the parts list, electrical schematic, and where applicable the air system diagram found in the instruction manual for your furnace and contact us for pricing and availability.

Individual insulation components (most can ship within 1-2 days)

  • Roof reline kits
  • Side reline kits
  • Bottom reline kits
  • Complete reline kits

Heating elements (many sizes in stock)

  • Molydisilicide
  • Silicon carbide
  • Zirconia
  • Wire wound element panels

Thermocouples (type K, R, S, B, and Land-Jewell). Shipment within 1-2 days.

Ceramic components (most are in stock)

  • Hearth plates
  • Spill traps
  • Top plugs
  • Split plugs
  • Top cylinders
  • Mullite heat shields
  • OBE and COE alumina tubes
  • OBE and COE mullite tubes
  • Pins (nails) and washers

Element Accessories (most in stock)

  • Buss bars
  • Element straps
  • Element holders
  • Element clips
  • T-blocks
  • Element spacer blocks
  • Clamping tools


While Deltech furnaces are designed for ease of repair / relining by our customers, we offer

  • Repair and rebuilds at your site
  • Repair and rebuilds here at Deltech
  • Rebuilds of furnaces by other manufacturers: improvements guaranteed
  • Service contracts – contact us for details

Replacement Manuals

Need a replacement manual for your Deltech? Contact us for a free pdf copy.

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