Rotary Tube Furnaces

Rotary Furnace


Furnace temperatures up to 1700 C. Deltech high temperature rotary tube furnaces are resistance heated with silicon carbide or molydisilicide heating elements.


Deltech rotary tube furnaces are available for single and multiple tube systems.


Fully integrated control panels. Customized speeds. Customized gradients. Fully programmable. Completely customizable to your product and desired quantity of sintered materials.


We will design and build to the optimal size and configuration for your process requirements, including desired temperature profiles, feed rate, residence time, atmospheric control.

Starting the design of your rotary tube furnace

Here are some questions we will have for you when you contact us:

  • Your preferred tube material (for example stainless, steel, quartz, Inconel)
  • Preferred rotation speed (3-7 RPM is standard)
  • Feed type (screw conveyor, vibratory hopper, other or none)
  • Does the rotary kiln need to be sealed?

We can also assist you in determining the best features for your process. To get started, click the Contact Us link below.

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