Small Scale Tunnel Kilns



Small Scale Tunnel Kilns

Small Scale Tunnel Kilns
Small Scale Tunnel Kiln

One of our customers wanted to scale up, but in a way that ensured their products would be consistent with those produced in their Deltech “top hat” lab scaleĀ  furnaces. A custom designed small scale tunnel kiln assembled and installed on site was the solution.

All Deltech tunnel kilns are electric fired and fiber or ceramic lined. The choice of heating elements (wire wound heaters, silicon carbide, or molydisilicide) depends upon the maximum operating temperature. These custom units can be manufactured for operating temperatures up to 1800 degrees celsius. They offer a way to increase product throughput without a radical change in process and without the huge investment costs associated with full size gas fired furnaces.

Here’s what you need to tell us:

  1. How long should the furnace be? We can help you make this determination. The length must allow for sufficient soak time in the optimal temperature range for your process.
  2. The dimensions, weight, and composition of the work product
  3. Throughput time
  4. Any special requirements such as a means to introduce purge gases or to operate continuously in inert atmospheres
  5. Maximum desired operating temperature
  6. Desired product load/unload methods
  7. Product tolerance to any furnace temperature gradients

Don’t worry! We sign NDAs all the time! And be aware that the freedom to exchange information with our customers is critical to the custom design process.

Every Deltech control system is UL508A compliant as certified by Intertek. We also have the resources to meet the requirements of other NRTL organizations as needed for the furnace system as a whole or for certain components. ASME or NFPA, for example.

Don’t mistake our small scale tunnel kilns for the prefabricated units that pop up when you Google. Every Deltech tunnel kiln is unique because every process has unique features. Get exactly the furnace system you want by working with Deltech’s engineering team from design through the first successful product run.

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