Horizontal Tube Furnaces

Horizontal Tube Furnaces

Deltech horizontal tube furnaces are ideal for applications in which the sample size is relatively small in diameter, but processing in inert or reducing atmospheres or under vacuum is required. The product can be placed in a combustion boat and slid into the tube from one end. Robust design and unique features such as a removable rectangular roof plug for take these units out of the realm of “catalog” laboratory models.

Horizontal Tube Furnaces
Horizontal Tube Furnaces

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  • Standard Process lengths up to 36” /91cm for tubes up to 4”/ 10cm O.D. If your process requires a larger tube, we can help.
  • Sustained operating temperatures up to 1800 degrees Celsius.
  • Single and multi zone designs
  • Our benchtop scale horizontal tube furnaces have a compact design. They are light in weight and have a small footprint. A rectangular top plug allows easy access to the furnace interior. Tube support insulation in the furnace bottom helps prevent high temperature creep.
  • Optional gas mixing systems feature mass flow controllers and software driven digital control systems
  • Optional gas detection and exhaust systems with automatic furnace shutdown and audible alarms
  • Optional exhaust scrubbers with control and plumbing integration into Deltech control and gas mixing systems
  • Optional fiber insulation tube end plugs
  • Optional water cooled end caps feature a removable plate that allows access to the tube interior without the need to remove the seal.
  • Cool exteriors for operator safety. Convection cooling design eliminates the need for cooling fans
  • The highest quality insulation materials
  • The highest quality wire wound, silicon carbide, or molydisilicide elements depending upon the maximum desired furnace operating temperature
  • Furnace control systems are UL508A compliant as certified by Intertek. Our control systems are normally housed in a separate enclosure but can be integrated into a single unit with the furnace if desired.
  • Furnaces that meet your process requirements, from standard models to custom designed systems
  • Need a rotary horizontal furnace? Click here for information on our rotary kilns and furnaces
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Deltech Horizontal Tube Furnaces at a Glance

Horizontal Tube

ModelTube O.D.Hot Zone LengthFurnace DimensionsPower Requirements For 1700° / 1800°Weight
DT-HTOS-6Up to 3.25“
6in / 15cm19” x 15” x 25”
48cm x 38cm x 64cm
3 kW / 7.5 kW150 LB / 70 KG
DT-HTOS-12Up to 3.25“
12in / 30cm19”x 16”x 37”
48cm x 41cm x 94cm
10 kW / 15 kW220 LB / 100 KG
DT-HTOS-18Up to 3.25“
18in / 46cm19” x 16” x 42”
48cm x 41cm 107cm
12.5 kW / 15 kW350 LB / 160 KG
DT-HTOS-24Up to 3.25“
24 in / 61cm19” x 16” x 49”
48cm x 41cm x125cm
15 kW / 15 kW385 LB / 175 KG
DT-HTOS-30Up to 3.25“
30 in / 76cm19” x 16” x 55”
48cm x 41cm x 140cm
20 kW / 20 kW436 LB / 198 KG
DT-HTOS-36Up to 3.25“
36 in / 91cm19”x 16”x 61”
48cm x 41cm x 155cm
22.5 kW / 22.5 kW478 LB / 220 KG

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