20 May

Deltech supports GOMD

Deltech supports GOMD Deltech is pleased to once again provide support for student travel to the annual Glass and Optical Materials Division meeting, being held this year from May 22nd-May 26th in Baltimore, Maryland. The organizers have also provided a virtual attendance option to accommodate ongoing travel restrictions. Glass and Optical Materials is one of […]

17 May

Why Choose a Non-Continuous Furnace?

Manufactured items frequently undergo heat treatment at some stage of the manufacturing process. A furnace is a high-temperature chamber capable of holding glass, metals, ceramics, and other materials so that heat may be applied to achieve desirable results.   Although all furnaces apply heat, there is a variety of furnace designs that fulfill a wide […]

16 May

Why is Furnace Gas Detection Important?

Industrial furnaces are commonly used to heat materials during production. In these direct heating devices, heat is generated through the combustion of fuels or gases in the air or by converting electrical energy.   Industrial furnace designs vary according to the method of generating heat, mode of heat transfer, charging materials, function, and other elements. […]

25 Mar

CSAT 2022 Sponsorship

CSAT 2022 Sponsorship Deltech Furnaces is pleased to be a sponsor, along with our customer Solvus Global, of the upcoming Cold Spray Action Team 2022 event. This year’s topic is Cold Spray Additive Manufacturing.Solvus Global uses a Deltech furnace in the preparation of powders for the cold spray process. You can watch a demonstration of […]

21 Feb

Why Choose a Custom Furnace?

Furnaces are instruments used for heating and processing materials and samples. Generally, they are built using materials that can withstand high temperatures with no adverse effects. Furnaces come in many different configurations to suit different applications. However, furnaces can also be fully customized to meet specific requirements. In this article, we will discuss some of […]

18 Feb

Custom furnace for nuclear waste treatment

Custom furnace for nuclear waste treatment Deltech Furnaces received a contract from Pacific Northwest National Laboratory in Richland, Washington for the design and build of a custom furnace for use in a dechlorination process of salt based nuclear waste. Per the authors of a paper resulting from the work accomplished during the project, “Salt based waste […]

15 Feb

5 Types of Laboratory Furnace

Laboratory furnaces offer continuous heating to samples and materials in a laboratory setting. They are usually built using high-temperature refractory materials so they can sustain high temperatures without breaking down. Laboratory furnaces are often set to function for extended periods, even up to months at a time to complete a processing cycle. This article will […]

1 Feb

Deltech Furnaces supplies Small Scale Tunnel Kilns to MGA Thermal

Deltech Furnaces supplies Small Scale Tunnel Kilns to MGA Thermal Deltech Furnaces was recently awarded a contract from MGA Thermal Pty Ltd to supply and install two custom designed, small scale, resistance heated tunnel kilns. Both feature HMI systems for control and data acquisition. One of the units features our “atmosphere envelope” design to allow […]

26 Jan

What is an Inert Atmosphere Furnace

Inert atmosphere furnaces are devices purpose-built for heat-treating applications that need inert atmosphere protection. This protection means that the work is not subject to oxidation. This article will explain in more detail what an inert atmosphere furnace is and how it is used.   What is an Inert Atmosphere   Inert means chemically inactive, so […]

14 Jan

Continuous Furnace vs. Batch Furnace

The fundamentals of all furnaces are the same, they aim to heat their contents. Many processes and manufacturing areas require thermal procedures that need industrial furnaces. However, the way these furnaces work can vary greatly between different types of furnaces. Continuous and batch furnaces both have a place in the manufacturing process. This article will […]

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