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Glass Melt Furnaces

Glass Melt Furnaces

Not every furnace is suitable for glass melting and therefore choosing the right one may not be straightforward. However, by working with an experienced manufacturer who understands the processes involved in glass melting, you’ll certainly be able to find the right solution.

Glasses often have corrosive compositions whose fumes and splatter can attack fiberboard furnace linings and heating elements. You don’t want a furnace whose interior resembles the face of the moon; you don’t want the protective coating on the molydisilicide heating elements literally running down the element and dripping onto the load platform. Another potential problem that could occur is a molten glass breakout, which can lead to unplanned downtime and costly repairs. This is why knowing which glass melting kiln or glass furnace is crucial to a successful application.

Glass melt furnaces

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Deltech Glass Melt Furnaces

Deltech glass melt furnaces will perform under the most rigorous environmental and cycling conditions. They were initially designed for use in a national lab research setting in which the furnaces were continuously used and operated with many glass formulations. Today these furnaces are widely used in universities, governments, and industrial settings for the research and development of bio, optical, nuclear waste containment, and other specialty glasses.

Key Benefits of Deltech’s Glass Melt Furnaces

Deltech’s glass furnace models boast a range of benefits to support your glass melting requirements. These lead to high-quality products, improved glass production and safer operations. The furnaces operate at temperatures of up to 1800 degrees Celsius and are fitted with a ceramic lining to resist glass attacks and come with a split plug and top cylinder to allow easy access when stirring.
There is also a range of optional features that can be recommended to you or that you can choose by yourself. Deltech’s optional glass furnace features include:

  • Automated features such as melt pours
  • Drain plugs to support cooling
  • Element protection liners
  • Kiln cars
  • Sight ports
  • Optional manual or programmable stirring mechanisms for glass fining

And finally, other furnace models can be modified and used for glass-melting processes.

Glass melt furnaces can be provided as they are manufactured, or we can customize them to suit your requirements. Contact us today and we can work towards your ideal solution.

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