Glass Melt Furnaces

Glass Melt Furnaces

Not every furnace is suitable for glass melting. Glasses often have corrosive compositions whose fumes and splatter can attack fiberboard furnace linings and heating elements. You don’t want a furnace whose interior resembles the face of the moon; you don’t want the protective coating on the molydisilicide heating elements literally running down the element and dripping onto the load platform.

Deltech glass melt furnaces will perform under the most rigorous of environmental and cycling conditions. They were originally designed for use in a national lab research setting in which the furnaces saw 24/7 use and many glass formulations. Today these furnaces are widely used in universities, government, and industrial settings for the R&D of bio, optical, nuclear waste containment, and other specialty glasses.

Glass melt furnaces

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  • Sustained operating temperatures up to 1800 degrees Celsius
  • Resistance heated with the choice of element dependent upon the maximum operating temperature
  • Bottom loading with pneumatic (100 psi required) variable speed lifts; electric (fixed travel speed) actuators are also available. Bottom load is optimal for rapid quenching.
  • Other furnace models – for example top hat and front loading – can be modified for use as glass melt furnaces
  • Every Deltech glass melt furnace features a ceramic lining which is highly resistant to glass attack
  • Optional element protection liners shield heating elements when the glass fumes produced are especially destructive to molydisilicide. Halogen containing glasses are examples.
  • Split plug and top cylinder allows ready access through the furnace roof for glass stirring apparatus.
  • Optional programmable stirring mechanism controls the motor power to maintain rpm through changes in viscosity.
  • Optional robotic functionality for applications such as automated melt pours
  • Optional sight ports
  • Optional drain plugs in load platforms to allow glass to flow directly from the crucible into a form for cooling
  • Optional kiln cars to manually or automatically remove one form and replace it with another
  • Atmosphere Envelope models for operation in inert atmospheres with optional vacuum assisted evacuation
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Deltech Glass Melt Furnaces at a Glance

Glass Melting

ModelWorkplace SizeFurnace DimensionsPower Requirements For 1700°/1800°Weight
DT-RS-OS5” (127mm) diameter
6” (152mm) high
29.5” x 21” x 40”
75cm x 53cm x 102cm
3 kW / 7.5 kW254 LB / 115 KG
DT-RS-787” (178 mm) diameter
8” (203mm) high
33” x 24” x 50”
84cm” x 61cm x 127cm
10 kW / 10kW310 LB / 141 KG
DT-RS-1211“ (279mm) diameter
12” (305mm) high
37” x 28” x 51.5”
94cm x 71cm x 131cm
12.5 kW / 15 kW670LB / 304 KG
DT-RS-1411” (279mm) diameter
14” (356mm) high
48” x 34” x 58”
122cm x 86cm x 147cm
15 kW / 25 kW720 LB / 232 KG
DT-RS-181618” (457mm) diameter
16” (406mm) high
49” x 37” x 74”
124cm x 94cm x 188cm
25 kW / 36 kW1520 LB / 690 KG
DT-RS-182418” (457mm) diameter
24” (610mm) high
49” x 37” x 86”
124cm x 94cm x 218cm
25 kW / 36 kW1820 LB / 826 KG

Atmosphere Envelope (AE)*

ModelWorkplace SizeFurnace DimensionsPower Requirements For 1700°/1800°Weight
DT-RS-AE-OS5” (127mm) diameter
6” (152mm) high
24” x 17” x 49”
61cm x 43.18cm x 124cm
3 kW / 7.5 kW260 LB / 118 KG
DT-RS-AE-787” (178 mm) diameter
8” (203mm) high
24.5” x 19.5” x 52”
62cm” x 50cm x 132cm
10 kW / 10kW320 LB / 145 KG
DT-RS-AE-1211“ (279mm) diameter
12” (305mm) high
41” x 28” x 66.5”
104cm x 71cm x 169cm
12.5 kW / 15 kW760 LB / 345 KG
DT-RS-AE-14111” (279mm) diameter
14” (356mm) high
38” x 30” x 65.5”
97 cm x 76cm x 166cm
15 kW / 25 kW915 LB / 415 KG
DT-RS-AE-181618” (457mm) diameter
16” (406mm) high
60” x 38” x 83”
152cm x 97cm x 211cm
25 kW / 36 kW1670 LB / 758 KG
DT-RS-AE-182418” (457mm) diameter
24” (610mm) high
60” x 40” x 95”
152cm x 102cm x 241cm
25 kW / 36 kW2000 LB / 907 KG

* Maximum operating temp in inert gases is 100°C lower than rated furnace temperature due to element limitations.

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