Custom Small Scale Tunnel Kilns

Changing from electric fired to gas fired furnaces can result in significant changes in product outcomes.  A custom Deltech tunnel kiln offers a great way to scale up while duplicating the conditions found in resistance heated batch furnaces. Depending on your process parameters, a tunnel kiln might be preferable to a production size “top hat”, bottom loader, or front load furnace, while still maintaining the rapid heating and cooling and exceptional temperature uniformity characteristic of Deltech non-continuous furnaces. Check out the list below of many of the optional features available for your custom designed and build tunnel kiln.

Tunnel Kilns Deltech Furnaces
Tunnel Kilns


  • Sustained operating temperatures up to 1800 degrees Celsius.
  • Fiberboard or ceramic lined
  • Single or multizone including preheat and cool down sections
  • Controlled atmosphere capability including gas mixing and delivery systems
  • Gas curtains to protect environment from materials outgassing
  • Gas analysis and sampling in preheat and exit zones
  • Feeding options include screw conveyors, gravity feeds, and volumetric loading
  • Integrated scales for measurement and data logging of material weight changes
  • The ability to add additional length as product demand grows
  • Control systems that are custom, like your new kiln. Features can include PLC/HMIs for speed control, weight data, control trending, temperature data. We can supply and integrate your preferred brand of temperature controller.
  • All systems are built co comply with UL508A, CSA 22.2, and NFPA 86 standards
  • Control systems are certified by Intertek UL508A compliant

Information we need from you to start the design process:

  • Product characteristics
  • Workspace size
  • Desired operating temperatures
  • Number of zones
  • Temperature requirements of individual zones
  • Product dwell time at the desired temperatures
  • Any required controlled atmosphere capability

Concerned about your proprietary process? We will gladly sign an NDA.

Unsure of what features your custom tunnel kiln might need? We can help.

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