Horizontal Tube Furnaces

Horizontal Tube Furnaces

Horizontal tube furnaces are ideal for applications in which the sample size is relatively small in diameter, but processing in inert or reducing atmospheres or under vacuum is required. The product can be placed in a combustion boat and slid into the tube from one end. At Deltech, our robust design and unique features, such as a removable rectangular roof plug, take these units out of the realm of ‘catalog’ laboratory models.

A horizontal furnace looks different from other furnaces because, as suggested in the name, its components are fitted horizontally. It operates by cool air flowing in on one side and exits through the other and can be configured for up-flow or down-flow performance. The heating zone is typically in the center of the equipment, which allows for unmatched temperature uniformity and enables zonal heating of samples. Owing to its design, this equipment is often installed in crawl spaces and attics.

Deltech horizontal tube furnaces are compact benchtop instruments. They are manufactured with the highest quality materials for insulation and use one of the following, depending on your operating requirements: wire wound, silicon carbide, or molydisilicide elements. The Deltech horizontal furnaces are UL508A compliant and verified by Intertek, and they are lightweight and easy to use.

Aside from the key features of the furnaces, we are able to offer a wide range of optional components to suit your applications. These include design features to allow the use of one more than diameter of tube, gas detection systems, fiber insulation tube end plugs, thermal fixtures, water cooler end caps, exhaust scrubbers and many others.

If you’re looking for a horizontal tube furnace, Deltech can offer you a robust solution. However, if you need something customized, we specialize in custom furnaces and are more than happy to discuss your requirements. Contact us today for more information.

Horizontal Tube Furnaces
Horizontal Tube Furnaces

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