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Rocking/Oscillating Motion Ovens and Furnaces

Rocking furnaces, as the name implies, introduce a relatively gentle oscillating motion to heat treatment processes. The inclination of the furnace hearth is mechanically adjusted at regular intervals with varying amplitudes and frequencies–depending on application requirements. Generally speaking, rocking furnaces are electrically heated and feature a cylindrical, or tube, hearth that is rolled back and forth in a mechanical cradle. Users program the oscillation as a figure of cycles per unit of time (Hz). If you need to operate the furnace continuously for long periods, an endless frequency can be specified. 

Did you know that Deltech designs and manufactures custom furnaces featuring rocking and oscillating motion? These are used in such applications as melting and “stirring” glass in ampoules and then rapidly quenching the ampoules. Nuclear waste containment research is one of the many processes for which these units can be utilized.

Rocking/Oscillating Motion Ovens and Furnaces
Rocking/Oscillating Motion Ovens and Furnaces

Customer Comments

“Quality designs and model were provided for design review”

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  • Operating temperatures from 1000-1600 degrees Celsius
  • Manual and programmable rocking and oscillating motion
  • Variable speed, angle, direction, and frequency of motion
  • Custom-designed ampoule holders
  • Optical sensors for positioning
  • Designed for long periods of continuous, trouble-free operation
  • Vibration-free

Looking for a Rocking Motion Furnace?

Deltech is one of the leading manufacturers of rocking furnaces globally. Based in the United States but with a global presence, we are uniquely positioned to design and deliver bespoke oscillating motion ovens to customers around the globe. Our rocking furnaces are designed for maximum ease-of-use and trouble-free performance. 

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