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Front Loading Furnaces

Front Loading Furnaces

Front loading furnaces are suitable for various applications at a range of temperatures and are considered general-purpose furnaces. They are commonly used for heating treating and annealing, ceramics and powdered metal and sintering. Available in both benchtop and production sizes and for operation in air and inert atmospheres, front loading furnaces and kilns are ideal for operators requiring some flexibility that other furnaces do not offer. Front loading furnaces are available with temperatures from 1500 -1800 degrees Celsius and can be manufactured in standard sizes and custom configurations.

Does your process require an accelerated ramp rate? Consider our “fast fire” option, available for both benchtop and production scale front load furnaces. Ramp rates as high as 1000 degrees Celsius per hour can be attained, depending on the workspace size of the furnace. 

Does your application require a furnace with unique features? If you require a custom-designed furnace or some additional features, Deltech can provide a solution a custom design is our specialty. To start off the process, we will discuss your process requirements and work with you to develop a solution grounded in broad engineering knowledge and considerable experience, making sure you have the equipment that is just right for you.

Front Load Furnaces
Front Load Furnaces

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Benefits of Deltech Front Loading Furnaces

The furnaces and front loading kilns available with Deltech are more robust than your average furnace. This is due to our special laminate door design, manufactured with high-quality materials that extend the service life of your furnace. They are easy to load and support heavy samples without any issues.

Additional benefits include the option to add manual or power-operated doors that can be fitted in a guillotine, side hinge or swing design depending on your operating preferences or laboratory space. Other options include forced air and vent flaps, equipment size, and gas mixing and delivery systems. All of these can be decided by you, or we can recommend certain options depending on your processes.

If you’re looking for more information on our furnaces, download a datasheet here for a full overview or get in touch with us today. We’re ready to help provide the perfect furnace for your applications.

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