Front Loading Furnaces

Front Loading Furnaces

Deltech front load furnaces are available in both bench top and production sizes, for temperatures from 1500-1800 degrees Celsius, and for operation in air and inert atmospheres. We offer standard sizes as well as custom configurations. Does your application require a furnace with unique features? Custom design is our specialty. Describe your process requirements and we can offer a solution grounded in broad engineering knowledge and considerable experience.

Front Load Furnaces
Front Load Furnaces

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  • More robust than typical front load furnaces. One outstanding difference is our special laminate door design, featuring the highest quality materials available and the structure to ensure long life for this most vulnerable part of any front loader
  • The doors can be manual or power operated, side hinged, guillotine, or “swing”, a design in which the counterbalanced door swings up and away from the furnace.  You may specify your preferred design or we will make recommendations based on engineering efficiency and operator safety
  • Sizes from benchtop to production scale. Specify your desired work space size or select from one of our standard configurations.
  • Cool exteriors for operator safety. Convection cooling design eliminates the need for cooling fans
  • Sustained operating temperatures up to 1800 degrees Celsius
  • The highest quality insulation materials
  • The highest quality wire wound, silicon carbide, or molydisilicide elements depending upon the maximum desired furnace operating temperature
  • Ceramic linings for corrosion resistance for applications such as glass melting
  • Optional features include forced air and vent flaps to facilitate binder burnout, speed cooling, or increase air or gas circulation to enhance product quality
  • Atmosphere Envelope front loading furnaces allow processing in inert atmospheres and up to 5% hydrogen mixtures. Pressures up to 0.022 atmosphere. Stainless steel shells. Optional vacuum assisted evacuation and backfill. Optional gas mixing and delivery systems
  • Furnace control systems are UL508A compliant as certified by Intertek
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Deltech Front Loading Furnaces at a Glance

ModelWorkspace SizeFurnace DimensionsPower RequirementsWeight
DT-FL-66” cubed
152 mm cubed
20” x 20” x 21”
51cm x 51cm x 54cm
3kW90 LB / 41 KG
DT-FL-88” cubed
203mm cubed
22” x 21” x 23”
56cm” x 54cm x 59cm
6 kW160 LB / 73 KG
DT-FL-1010” cubed
254mm cubed
24” x 22” x 25”
61cm x 56cm x 64cm
6kW200 LB / 91 KG
DT-FL-1212 “ cubed
305mm cubed
26” x 25” x 29”
66cm x 64cm x 77cm
15 kW250 LB / 114 KG
DT-FL-1616” cubed
406mm cubed
35” x 33” x 36”
89cm x 84cm x 92cm
20 kW450 LB / 205 KG
DT-FL-1818” cubed
406mm cubed
37” x 35” x39”
94cm x 89cm x 99cm
36 kW600 LB / 273 KG
DT-FL-2424” cubed
610mm cubed
41” x 38” x 47”
104cm x 97cm x 120cm
50 kW850 LB / 386 KG

Atmosphere Envelope (AE)*

ModelWorkspace SizeFurnace DimensionsPower RequirementsWeight
DT-FL-AE-66” cubed
152 mm cubed
23” x 21” x 25”
59cm x 54cm x 64cm
3kW175 LB / 80 KG
DT-FL-AE-88” cubed
203mm cubed
26” x 23” x 27”
66cm” x 59cm x 69cm
6 kW250 LB / 114 KG
DT-FL-AE-1010” cubed
254mm cubed
28” x 25” x 31
71cm x 64cm x 79cm
6kW325 LB / 148 KG
DT-FL-AE-1212 “ cubed
305mm cubed
36” x 33” x 37”
92cm x 84cm x 94cm
15 kW450 LB / 205 KG
DT-FL-AE-1616” cubed
406mm cubed
43” x 38” x 44”
109cm x 97cm x 112cm
20 kW525 LB / 238 KG
DT-FL-AE-1818” cubed
406mm cubed
47” x 41” x49”
120cm x 104cm x 125cm
36 kW750 LB / 340 KG
DT-FL-AE-2424” cubed
610mm cubed
53” x 47” x 55”
135cm x 120cm x 140cm
50 kW1000 LB / 454 KG

* Maximum operating temp in inert gases is 100°C lower than rated furnace temperature due to element limitations.

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