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Vertical Tube Furnaces

Vertical Tube Furnaces

Deltech Vertical Tube Furnaces have been the favorite of petrologists since 1973 when NASA selected Deltech to design and build vertical tube quench test furnaces for petrologic studies of the moon rocks. The descendants of that design are widely used in geosciences research labs around the world.

vertical tube furnaces
Vertical Tube Furnaces

Customer Comments

“The vertical tube furnace is working fantastically and is a great piece of equipment.“


  • Single and multi-zone designs. Each zone is individually temperature controlled. Every control system is UL508A compliant as certified by Intertek. 
  • Sustained operating temperatures up to 1800 degrees Celsius.
  • Specify tube size up to 4” / 10 cm O.D. and hot zone length up to 36” / 91 cm. For larger diameter tubes, ask a member of our engineering team for information on how our tube plugs and thermal fixtures can reduce gradients. 
  • Optional features that allow the use of more than one diameter of tube.
  • Mullite tubes are very good for thermal shock resistance and can be used at operating temperatures up to 1600 degrees Celsius. Above that, 99.8% alumina tubes are required to prevent creep.
  • Bottom loading vertical tube design (VTOSD) for applications in which a load platform is required, such as when the material to be heated in inert gas needs to be placed in a small crucible.
  • Split shell/clamshell designs for uses such as wall mounting or mounting to a stand.
  • Can be designed to accommodate quench and tensile testing and other apparatuses.
  • Optional water-cooled end caps create exceptional gas seals and allow shorter tubes to be used. Shorter tubes have greater resistance to thermal shock. They can be supplied with custom fittings and oxygen and thermocouple probes as desired. The end caps require a one slpm water flow per cap. It can be a flow of tap water which is then drained, or a closed loop chiller can be employed. (The chiller is more environmentally friendly.)   
  • Optional gas mixing and delivery systems include mass flow controllers, software driven digital control system, optional fluid distribution header. 
  • Optional water chillers.
  • For some models, optional NEMA One connector sets can be ordered to allow system installation without the aid of an electrician.
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Deltech Vertical Tube Furnaces at a Glance


ModelTube O.D.Hot Zone LengthFurnace DimensionsPower Requirements For 1700° / 1800°Weight
DT-VT-6Up to 3.25“
6in / 15cm19” x 17” x 35”
48cm x 43cm x 89cm
3 kW / 7.5 kW110 LB / 50 KG
DT-VT-12Up to 3.25“
12in / 30cm19” x 17” x 41”
48cm x 43cm x 104cm
10 kW / 15 kW155 LB / 70 KG
DT-VT-18Up to 3.25“
18in / 46cm19” x 17”” x 47”
48cm x 43cmx 120cm
12.5 kW / 15 kW200 LB / 91 KG
DT-VT-24Up to 3.25“
24 in / 61cm19” x 17” x 53.5”
48cm x 43cm x 136cm
15 kW / 15 kW250 LB / 114 KG
DT-VT-30Up to 3.25“
30 in / 76cm19” x 17” x 59.5”
48cm x 43cm x 151cm
20 kW / 20 kW300 LB / 136 KG
DT-VT-36Up to 3.25“
36 in / 91cm19” x 17” x65.5”
48cm x 43cm x 167cm
22.5 kW / 22.5 kW350 LB / 159 KG

Bottom Loading Vertical Tube (VTOSD)

ModelTube O.D.Hot Zone LengthFurnace DimensionsPower Requirements For 1700° / 1800°Weight
DT-VTOSD-6Up to 3.25“
6in / 15cm26” x 21” x 51”
66cm x 53cm x 130cm
3 kW / 7.5 kW220 LB / 100 KG
DT-VTOSD-12Up to 3.25“
12in / 30cm26” x 21” x 57”
66cm x 53cm x 145cm
10 kW / 15 kW225 LB / 116 KG
DT-VTOSD-18Up to 3.25“
18in / 46cm26” x 21” x 63”
66cm x 53cm x 160cm
12.5 kW / 15 kW300 LB / 136 KG
DT-VTOSD-24Up to 3.25“
24 in / 61cm26” x 21” x 69”
66cm x 53cmx 175cm
15 kW / 15 kW350 LB / 159 KG
DT-VTOSD-30Up to 3.25“
30 in / 76cm26” x 21” x 75”
66cm x 53cm x 191cm
20 kW / 20 kW400 LB / 182 KG
DT-VTOSD-36Up to 3.25“
36 in / 91cm26” x 21” x81”
66cm x 53cm x 206cm
22.5 kW / 22.5 kW600 LB / 273 KG

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