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CGIF Reports on Its First Year

CGIF reports on its first year…

The Ceramics and Glass Industry Foundation (CGIF), of which this blogger is a proud board member and contributor, recently released its first Annual Report. (Click on the link below to view). The Foundation is the new and improved version of a now defunct  fund raising wing of the American Ceramic Society. The rebirth including a complete reorganization may be attributed to the complete transformation of the society over the last few year under the leadership of Charlie Spahr, executive director. The CGIF board includes both members of academia and industry leaders including persons who have been active in the society in various roles for many years and some newcomers like your blogger. The representation is international, and includes both large and small businesses that serve the ceramics and glass community.


The American Ceramic Society pays all the administrative costs so that all donations go directly towards the organization’s goal of attracting and helping students to pursue future careers in ceramics engineering. In addition, ACerS is matching contributions up to a total of $1,000,000.

Did you know that only two schools currently offer degrees in ceramics engineering? (They are Alfred University and the Missouri University of Science and Technology, MS&T.) Did you know that the only technician training program in the nation – the Industrial Ceramics Engineering Technology track at Hocking College – no longer exists? Do you know how important it is to ceramics and glass manufacturing that educated and trained engineers and technicians  continue to enter the workforce?

The good news is that ceramics and glass manufacturing and the materials and equipment manufacturers who supply the industry are thriving, as evidenced by the attendance at Ceramics Expo 2016  held in Cleveland in April. Nearly 3000 people attended, and there were twice as many exhibitors as when the event debuted last year.

To keep it going, please consider supporting the work of the CGIF. The Annual Report (see the link above) gives more information about the programs and how you can help.




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