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Creating a Custom Furnace

Producing a custom furnace to meet exact specifications and requirements can be extremely beneficial for a range of applications. Many industries have exacting needs for their furnaces due to the processes they carry out or the materials that they use. This article will outline the benefits and considerations of creating a custom furnace.

Creating a Custom Furnace

Why Use a Custom Furnace?

The specific requirements of industries can be problematic when using an off-the-shelf furnace solution. These furnaces can limit production as no furnaces exactly meet requirements and a model must be selected that is as close as possible. This often means that the capability of optimizing processes is missed out on.

Custom furnaces are extremely useful in applications that require heavy loads as off-the-shelf furnaces are typically suited to standard load weights. They are also beneficial when part of the application needs tight temperature uniformity or extremely high temperatures.

Custom furnaces would also be beneficial to use in explosive environments or environments where there are tight fuel/energy consumption parameters to meet. They are also helpful in environments where it is important to minimize the pollution emitted into the atmosphere.

Custom furnaces can be used in areas that have small floor space, requiring a small footprint furnace. they can be specially designed to optimize the floor space.

When Custom Furnaces May Not be Necessary

When a small furnace that does not require any special engineering is required, an off-the-shelf version may be suitable. They may also be suitable for batch processes that have a low level of complexity and for applications that use high-temperature equipment.

Advantages of Custom Furnaces

Some of the key benefits of custom furnaces will be outlined below:

  • Optimized use of factory space
  • Meet exacting requirements for operational efficiency
  • Optimized production cycles
  • Improved flexibility when selecting specific components
  • Complete compliance with design requirements and standards
  • Enhanced energy efficiency

Custom Furnaces from Deltech Furnaces

Custom furnaces are a specialty of Deltech furnaces with a wide range of options to tailor-make your furnace to suit your application. Simply contact the team with your process requirements and they can offer a solution based on their wealth of knowledge and engineering expertise.

Additionally, furnace control systems can also be fully customized to perfectly suit your needs and incorporate features that are optimal for the process. Features such as data acquisition and logging and remote control and monitoring are among the many available options.

If you would like to find out more about custom furnaces, get in touch with the team today.

All Deltech furnace systems are designed and manufactured in the U.S.A, and shipped and installed worldwide.