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Deltech Furnaces Environmental Health and Safety Program

Deltech Furnace

Control system, UL508A compliant as certified by Intertek

Deltech Furnaces Environmental Health and Safety Program is ComplyWorks approved

Every corporation wants to be a good corporate citizen, and that requires caring about environmental health and safety (EHS). Deltech Furnaces’ Environmental Health and Safety Program recently received approval from ComplyWorks. We were introduced to ComplyWorks and their very rigorous standards by one of our major customers, G.E. Aviation. This aerospace company is the manufacturer of aircraft engines. As you might imagine, they demand the best in quality and service from their suppliers. Service includes on site service as well, at all of G.E. Aviation’s locations. If a supplier has a rigorous environmental health and safety program, those rules and practices will be followed whether employees are working on company premises or on those of a customer.

Every employee – including managers – and all visitors – are held to its strict standards. And like any good program, it is subject to ongoing review and improvement. Our quality assurance manager and production supervisor form the Deltech team that assesses, enforces, and evaluates our program on an ongoing basis. They welcome feedback from employees, customers, suppliers, and visitors to the Deltech Furnaces facility to continuously evaluate and improve the Deltech Furnaces Environmental Health and Safety Program.

Our production supervisor also conducts regularly scheduled employee safety training sessions covering such topics as electrical safety, personal protective equipment (PPE), proper handling and storage of flammable materials, forklift safety, and the proper use of hand and power tools. All training sessions are designed to be specific to the actual work environment here at Deltech Furnaces. He also conducts sessions on general facility safety including hazards that can be found in offices; for example tripping on cords or plugging too many devices into a single power strip.

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All Deltech furnace systems are designed and manufactured in the U.S.A, and shipped and installed worldwide.