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Deltech Furnaces in Colorado School of Mines Fuel Cell Center – Part 2: GFC Project Update

Update on Deltech Furnaces in Colorado Fuel Cell Center: Recall this post and the feature in Ceramic Industry on Deltech clamshell furnaces in use by Dr. Neil Sullivan for his research on geothermic fuel cells (GFCs)?

After manufacturing the furnaces, Deltech received a contract from IEP and the Fuel Cell Center to build the assembly that would be placed underground. The intricate specialty welding was done by Deltech’s vendor Valhalla Metals. And last week the installation took place  on the Colorado School of Mines campus. Click here to read the story and see a photo, courtesy of the Mines newsroom. Deltech Furnaces Engineering Manager J.J. Stevenson attended the event and reported that it was very exciting to be there for the installation of the world’s first geothermic fuell cell. The technology begins with a solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) to generate electricity while also using the heat produced to release hydrocarbons like oil shale.


IEP Deltech Furnaces GFC

Mark Wall of IEP, left, and Deltech Furnaces’ Engineering Manager J.J. Stevenson examine a subassembly.

Brian Farner of Valhalla Metals does specialty welding on GFC housing assembly at Deltech Furnaces

Brian Farner of Valhalla Metals

Production Lead Bryan Smith of Deltech Furnaces at work on component for installation of geothermic fuel cell GFC

Production Lead Bryan Smith at work on component for installation of geothermic fuel cell






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