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Deltech furnaces meet NFPA 86 guidelines

Deltech furnaces meet current NFPA 86 guidelines

The National Fire Protection Association is a nonprofit organization that promotes fire and electrical safety and related concerns. Despite its name, it has international reach. Perhaps you know the organization, through “Sparky”, their mascot that helps promote fire safety to children, a bit like Smokey the Bear promotes forest fire prevention.

They publish guidelines, NFPA 86, aimed at safety for industrial ovens and furnaces. The latest edition was published in 2019, and every Deltech furnace system meets their requirements.


The guidelines cover design, labeling, safety equipment, and where applicable fire and explosion relief.

Design guidelines include the structural integrity of the oven or furnace and work products even at maximum operating temperatures. Heat shields must be part of the structure for operator safety. The unit must be designed so that all  components that may require inspection or maintenance are accessible. Any component exposed to the heat sources must be made of non-combustible materials.

Deltech furnaces and ovens are designed to support the heaviest of workpiece loads and to retain structural integrity. They  feature sturdy fiberboard exterior insulation panels that keep the exterior surfaces cool. This eliminates the need for fan cooling characteristic of furnaces and ovens that have stainless steel exteriors. Our furnaces are designed so that all component maintenance, repair, and replacement can be completed by our customers; no service visit required.

Deltech furnaces meet NFPA 86 guidelines


Safety equipment can include manual emergency shutdown switches, safety interlocks that interrupt power to the heating elements when the furnace door is opened, and shields to prevent exposure to electrical and mechanical hazards. All these are features of Deltech furnaces and ovens.  In addition, our control systems are  UL508A compliant as certified by Intertek. And finally both furnaces and control systems have appropriate safety labeling.

In cases where work products are heated under hydrogen or hydrogen mixtures, for example, explosion protection becomes critical. This is also the case with positive pressure furnaces. Alternatively, the work products themselves may be flammable or combustible. Gas detection and alarm systems, emergency ventilation, pressure relief valves, are all kinds of safety features for such applications. Deltech furnaces and ovens feature the appropriate safety equipment for the furnace type and intended use.

The National Fire Protection Association categorizes furnaces and ovens into four different types:

Class A. Designed to operate at atmospheric pressure for processing flammable or combustible materials

Class B. Designed to operate at atmospheric pressure for processing non-flammable, non combustible materials

Class C. Controlled atmosphere furnaces. In this case the atmospheres may be flammable.

Class D. Vacuum furnaces.

Contact us for information on the safety features of Deltech furnaces, ovens, and control systems.


Deltech furnaces meet NFPA 86 guidelines

All Deltech furnace systems are designed and manufactured in the U.S.A, and shipped and installed worldwide.