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Deltech Furnaces Inc. a traditional family corporation

Deltech Incorporated; is a traditional family owned corporation in Denver, Colorado that was founded in 1968. We are very proud of our high temperature industrial furnaces which are manufactured to extremely high standards of quality, with their control systems, carrying the Intertek UL508 certification.

“Deltech builds the Furnace to Fit Your Need”®


This Denver founded and based corporation believes that their customers should benefit by the highest possible quality products, which must be supplied and supported with a highly competitive pricing structure. To improve production facilities, they relocated to a new site in Denver, specifically designed to provide maximum optimization for their specialized manufacturing processes and meet the demands of their customers.

They are an established manufacturer of standard, custom lab and production scale resistance furnaces. Their designer plant now enables them to have the capacity to construct the largest of high temperature resistance furnaces, and with their available experience and technical expertise, the most complex. Pride in the manufacturing of their quality products is shown by the extraordinary service levels extended to customers and a commitment to the materials science community.

Deltech Inc. is a recognized and respected designer in the industry for their custom furnaces. The history of this corporation speaks for itself; from their first manufactured vertical tube design, especially manufactured for NASA to the “top hat” built for the first project of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory. However, Deltech Inc. is always looking towards further development and the future needs of their customers.  An example of this is their recent “top hat” 100 atmospheric positive pressure system, manufactured for National High Magnetic Field Laboratory.

This corporation is rich in experience and knowledge of their industry. They determine the needs of their customers, whether it is regarding a 1400°C or 2000°C capability, a standard or custom design, their main criteria is what best meets the customer needs! Their Controlled Atmosphere furnaces include vertical and horizontal tube units and multi-zone models. Manufactured convertible “VT/BL” furnaces perform with great efficiency, also when utilized either as vertical or horizontal tube units. The corporation range of furnaces also includes Atmosphere Envelope furnaces, which are supplied with the option of assisted evacuation and Positive Pressure furnaces.

The processing of glass and various corrosives is performed with ceramic furnace linings. Designed water cooled tube seals, especially designed for this manufacturing purpose, with removable end-plates, provides access to the interior of the tube, eliminating the need to remove the seals. This is supported by the durable tube plugs, also being able to be removed, as are atmosphere control modification kits. These permit the processing in any load platform furnace, within inert atmospheres.

Each control system manufactured by Deltech Inc; is custom designed to meet any unique features of the application. Standard safety procedures include an emergency “stop” facility, a door interlock and safety relay and isolation switches. Protection related to “over-temperature” situations is also standard, with a limit controller, dedicated thermo-couple and a contactor. Customized Human Machine Interface (HMI) is an option for customers that make allowance for remote access and control, event logging and acquisition of data.

“We Build The Furnace To Fit Your Need”® forms part of the Deltech Inc. family philosophy, which has been proven and well earned!

All Deltech furnace systems are designed and manufactured in the U.S.A, and shipped and installed worldwide.