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Deltech supports GOMD

Deltech supports GOMD

Deltech is pleased to once again provide support for student travel to the annual Glass and Optical Materials Division meeting, being held this year from May 22nd-May 26th in Baltimore, Maryland. The organizers have also provided a virtual attendance option to accommodate ongoing travel restrictions.

Glass and Optical Materials is one of the divisions of the American Ceramic SocietyDeltech Furnaces is a longtime corporate member of the organization.

The division meeting should be particularly well attended and exciting this year because it is the United Nations International Year of Glass. (You can see a video recap of the Day of Glass organized by the American Ceramic Society here.) A special feature in honor of the International Year of Glass will be a May 25th offsite visit to view the work of contemporary glass artists from the mid-Atlantic region of the United States. The exhibit, entitled “Fired Up” is free to attend for meeting participants.

Deltech Furnaces has manufactured both standard and custom glass melt furnaces since the 1980s. The original designs were developed to meet the specialty glass processing requirements of Sandia National Laboratories.

Our glass melt furnaces operate at temperatures up to 1800 degrees celsius in air and inert atmospheres. Options include separate inert atmosphere quenching chambers, “big batch” sizes for large capacity melting, robotically controlled crucible placement and pours, and programmable stirring mechanisms for optimum control regardless of melt viscosity.

Deltech glass melt furnaces are resistance heated, so they have all the advantages of resistance heating and are ideal for batch melts. Those advantages include controlled heating and cooling rates and exceptional uniformity. Ceramic linings are standard and resist attack from glass spatter and corrosive fumes. Split plugs in the roof are also standard and permit easy insertion and removal of stir rods plus the ability to add powders to the melt without opening the furnace. While bottom load models are most often preferred for glass melt applications, top hat and front load furnaces can offer the same ideal features.

Deltech supports GOMD

Glass melt furnace designed and built by Deltech Furnaces

Deltech Supports GOMD

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Deltech supports GOMD

All Deltech furnace systems are designed and manufactured in the U.S.A, and shipped and installed worldwide.