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Does our website make you crazy?



Does our website make you crazy?



Does our website make you crazy?

Does our website make you crazy?


Do you find the Deltech Furnaces website hard to navigate? Are you having trouble finding the information you need? Through July 10, 2019 we are offering a $50 credit on a future order for your detailed feedback, both positive and negative. Please help us help you find the content that you need!

Here are some questions and suggested topics to consider:

Would you like to see data sheets on all our standard furnace models? How about furnace instruction manuals? E-commerce capability? More tutorials?  If you want more tutorial videos or articles, are there particular topics you would like to see covered?

Do you have any particular issues with website functionality that you’d like us to address? Things like links that link to nothing, non-functioning “buttons”…

Does the navigation/architecture of the site work well considering how you personally like information to appear on sites?

Is the site easy to view on all your devices; e.g. tablet and smart phone as well as desktop computer?

Please email your comments, complaints, suggestions, and awesome ideas to our president, Mary Stevenson, You can also just use the “Email Us” button at the top of our homepage to send your thoughts to Mary. We’ll send you a credit that you can use any time; no expiry date.

We are a small company, and it might takes us a while, but we plan to take your feedback to heart and use it to deliver a better experience with the Deltech Furnaces website going forward!

Thank you for your participation!

The Deltech Furnaces Team

All Deltech furnace systems are designed and manufactured in the U.S.A, and shipped and installed worldwide.