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Instrumental Solutions: Horizontal and Rotary Tube Furnace

Specialized laboratory work requires specialized laboratory equipment, and the utilization of a horizontal tube furnace and rotary tube furnace are at the forefront of innovation and precision. These instruments, meticulously designed and manufactured, serve diverse industries with their unique functionalities and adaptable configurations.

Horizontal Tube Furnace:Unparalleled Precision, Adaptability

Distinct in appearance and operation, the horizontal tube furnace offers a tailored solution for applications requiring precise processing in inert or reducing atmospheres or under vacuum conditions, especially when sample size remains relatively small in diameter. 

Their functionality hinges on a horizontal layout, facilitating seamless sample insertion via a combustion boat slid into the tube from one end. 

A key design feature, a removable rectangular roof plug, sets these units apart as some of the most innovative laboratory models available from Deltech Furnaces. Here, these horizontal tube furnaces are elevated beyond conventional laboratory models. Our commitment to robust design and innovation is evident in such features and is a testament to our dedication to surpassing standard offerings.

The heating zone, strategically positioned at the equipment’s center, ensures unparalleled temperature uniformity and enables zonal heating, and makes this an ideal choice for various research and industrial applications. These compact benchtop instruments boast top-tier insulation materials and utilize wire wound, silicon carbide, or molydisilicide elements, tailored to your specific operating requirements. 

Optional components tailored to specific applications, including adaptable tube diameter designs, gas detection systems, fiber insulation tube end plugs, thermal fixtures, water cooler end caps, exhaust scrubbers, and more, underscore dedication to meeting diverse industry needs.

Rotary Tube Furnace: Customized Efficiency, Versatility

On the other hand, a rotary tube furnace can offer a dynamic solution for a spectrum of manufacturing processes, ranging from calcining applications requiring continuous throughput of loose materials to high-temperature treatments like oxidation. 

Unlike its horizontal counterpart, this furnace operates through rotation, offering certain potential advantages in heat treatment, calcination, and sintering processes. Its rotating design ensures uniform heating and treatment of materials, making it ideal for intricate experiments and production processes requiring continuous and controlled movement.

Here, we design and manufacture furnaces that are adept at handling materials like alumina and iron ore pellets, providing complete process control and yielding high-quality end products. It’s all about customized efficiency and versatility. 

In fact, your rotary tube furnace units can be meticulously crafted to match your specific process requirements, offering the flexibility to tailor the size and configuration according to unique industrial needs. This can include features such as single and multiple zones, customizable rotation speeds, and gradients. 

They are available with fully programmable operation via integrated control panels, enabling processing in air, oxygen, or inert atmospheres. Additionally, they provide optional gas mixing, detection, and alarm systems, along with exhaust scrubbers that seamlessly integrate into control and gas mixing systems.

A Note on Custom, Specialized Furnaces 

Custom and specialized furnaces cater to diverse applications demanding varying conditions, from temperature uniformity to specific gas atmospheres. Customization options further enhance utility, allowing tailored solutions for different sample sizes, gas detection systems, and specialized insulation, ensuring optimal performance in intricate processes. 

The ability to customize and access advanced features isn’t just advantageous in industries that place a high value on accuracy and controlled conditions are paramount, it’s essential for achieving the reliable, consistent results being sought. 

Optional or customized control systems as part of the furnace equation can allow remote control and access, acquisition of data, and much more. Ask about features such as emergency stops, door interlocks, safety relays, and isolation switches, they should be offered as standards. 

Princeton offers up general tips on health and safety and what to look out for when using kilns such as the rotary type to work with ceramic art and pottery, as examples. 

Our Conclusion

The significance of specialized furnaces like the horizontal and rotary tube types cannot be overstated. They play pivotal roles in conducting various processes with precision, ensuring optimal conditions for experimentation, processing, and production. 

In fact, the intricate design and specialized functionalities of horizontal tube furnaces and rotary tube furnaces exemplify innovation at its finest, examples of reliable and adaptable solutions. 

When approaching a potential furnace partner or vice versa, consider the level of commitment to customization you’d like to see shine through. Think of this as a bespoke approach; one that ensures maximum efficiency and efficacy, and enables seamless integration. 

When seeking a partner to meet a need, why not first ask about their commitment to quality craftsmanship, and how it is reflected in products, alongside dedication to the customer experience and overall satisfaction? 

Really think about it. A demonstrated commitment to customization can further enhance utility, and add additional value.

When you’re ready, why not put us to the test? Reach out to us at Deltech Furnaces and discover how our range of rotary and horizontal tube furnace solutions can elevate your processes, providing unparalleled precision and efficiency tailored to your specific needs. 


All Deltech furnace systems are designed and manufactured in the U.S.A, and shipped and installed worldwide.