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Important information about rebuild roof and hearth parts…

Top Hat furnace with view of hearth

Top Hat furnace with view of hearth

Important information about rebuild roof and hearth parts…

You will find upon receiving your spare parts order for roof or hearth pieces, that in many cases the holes have not been drilled for your elements, support tubes, thermocouples, etc. This is due to the alignment problems that can occur from having your spare parts drilled here at Deltech Furnaces.

Every furnace built at Deltech is unique. Although it may not be unique in design, it is unique in that each of the parts has been specially fit for the steel frame that was made for them. This often requires boards to be within a sixteenth of an inch over or under the specified dimension. It also requires that some items be sanded down in order to make room for welds and bolts that are protruding from the steel. Finally, your existing insulation may have shrunken over time.

Due to the compounding of these small irregularities, often times a piece that is drilled here, will not align with any already drilled pieces that you have on your existing furnace. This may prevent other parts such as ceramic tubes, elements, and thermocouples from fitting into the furnace. The only way to have your holes properly aligned, is to use the hole placement in your existing roof or hearth plate as a template for the new holes that are going to be drilled.

When a complete roof or hearth is ordered, Deltech will drill the holes for the outermost piece of the roof/hearth. In this case, the outer piece that has been drilled at Deltech will serve as your template once the rest of your parts have been installed.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. If you need assistance, please call 303-433-5939 or email us by using the link on our homepage.

Furnace roof

Birds eye view of furnace roof

All Deltech furnace systems are designed and manufactured in the U.S.A, and shipped and installed worldwide.