2000 Degrees Celsius in air Furnaces

2000 degrees celsius in air furnaces!

Deltech ultra high temperature furnaces are capable of operation at 2000 degrees C in air. This distinguishes these furnaces  from those that require vacuum operation. Our high quality, efficient design is also very economical when compared to vacuum furnaces.

Great for use in such applications as the development and testing of, for example, ultra high temperature ceramics (UHTCs), these units are most often found in government R&D labs and in universities.


  • Operation in air and inert atmospheres
  • Sophisticated control system featuring a dual loop programmer allows close control of the zirconia heating elements located inside the hot zone while a separate loop controls the Kanthal Super 1900 deg C “preheater” elements
  • Optical pyrometer for accurate hot zone temperature monitoring
  • Specially formulated cast zirconia hot face lining


Our standard bottom load design features a workspace 5” (125mm) in diameter and 6” (150mm) high

Our standard vertical tube design will accommodate a 2” (50mm) O.D. tube and has a 6”(150mm) long heated workspace.


Atmosphere modification kits for the bottom load design

Combination VT/BL design which can be used either as a bottom loader or with a vertical tube

Custom modifications; e.g. special load pedestal designs

What you need to know…

The system operates on 240V 100A power.

These specialty furnaces require 48 hours to ramp to full temperature. This is because the zirconia elements and hot face lining are subject to thermal shock and require a slow ramp rate. The system can be “idled” at lower temperatures when not in use to reduce the ramp time.

The control system is certified by Intertek UL508A compliant.

Replacement elements, thermocouples, and parts are a stock tem, minimizing your downtime.

The price includes a site visit for installation assistance and operator training. This applies to domestic sales only; outside the U.S. please inquire.

DT-36-VT Footprint

DT-36-BL-56 Footprint


Model Furnace weight Transformer weight Control cabinet weight
DT-36-VT 432 lb  / 196 kg 250 lb  / 114 kg 184 lb / 84 kg
DT-36-BL-56 634 lb / 288 kg 250 lb / 114 kg 184 lb / 84 kg


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