Vertical Tube Furnaces

Single zone vertical tube furnace and control system

Vertical Tube Furrnaces

Deltech Vertical Tube Furnaces have been the favorite of petrologists since 1973 when NASA selected Deltech to design and build vertical tube quench test furnaces for petrologic studies of the moon rocks. The descendants of that design are widely used in geosciences research today in universities around the world.

  • Single and multizone designs. Each zone is individually temperature controlled.
  • Sustained operating temperatures up to 1800 degrees celsius in air and inert atmospheres. Note that the temperature inside the process tube will be up to 50 degrees celsius cooler than the furnace temperature.
  • Specify tube size up to 4″ / 10 cm O.D. and hot zone lengths up to 36″ / 91 cm long.
  • Mullite tubes are very good for thermal shock resistance and can be used for operating temperatures up to 1600 degrees celsius. Above that, 98% alumina tubes are required to prevent creep. Click here  for a comparison of material properties.
  • Bottom loading vertical tube design (VTOSD) for applications in which a load platform is required, such as when the material to be heated in an inert gas must be placed in a small crucible.
  • Optional water cooled end caps create exceptional gas seals and allow shorter tubes to be used inside our vertical tube furnaces. Shorter tubes have a better resistance to thermal shock.
Water cooled tube end cap
  • Optional gas mixing systems include mass flow controllers, software driven digital control system, optional fluid distribution headers.

Contact us to discuss your application requirements. We can help you determine the best system features for your process.

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