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Electric Furnaces

Electric Furnaces

High-temperature furnace manufacturers typically bracket product lines by heating options. Electric furnaces use refractory heating elements, or heat coils, with high-performance linings to generate and distribute heat throughout the chamber–as opposed to burning natural gas for direct heating. The electric heating option is not only more energy efficient but is usually compatible with various heating and cooling controls and real-time analytical systems.

Deltech Furnaces is, to our knowledge, the only US-based electric furnace manufacturer with the capacity to manufacture industrial and laboratory furnaces suited for 2000C in air heating. We use custom heating systems comprised of ultra-high temperature zirconia heating elements within the hot zone, and additional preheaters to mitigate thermal stress and ensure temperature uniformity throughout processing.

We specialize in manufacturing custom electric furnaces to your standards, striving for a minimum benchmark that meets critical industry standards. All our electric furnaces are manufactured to UL508A certification, ensuring all units feature door interlocks, safety relays, isolation switches, and emergency stops. Our temperature controllers include 3504 autotuners, but we offer alternatives upon request. We also manufacture all our electric furnaces with Nema One enclosures and cabinets of varying dimensions.

2000 Degree Furnace
2000º C

Customer Comments

“My clients want a Deltech furnace. They are big fans.”

Models to choose from

  • Bottom load furnaces
  • Front load furnaces
  • Glass melt furnaces
  • Horizontal tube furnaces
  • Positive pressure furnaces
  • Rocking/oscillating motion ovens
  • Rotary tube furnaces
  • Top hat furnaces
  • Tunnel kilns
  • Vertical tube furnaces
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Looking for electric furnaces?

Refer to our tutorials if you need help with electric furnace selection criteria. You can also explore our product range to find details on specific models we have manufactured for other clients. We are an accomplished electric furnace manufacturer, priding ourselves on our ability to deliver custom electric heating solutions for the toughest applications.

Deltech Furnaces is a US manufacturer, but our footprint is truly global. We have representatives in countries across the world, who may be able to assist you with product installation and preventative maintenance services. Contact us today for more information.

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All Deltech furnace systems are designed and manufactured in the U.S.A, and shipped and installed worldwide.