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Two Furnaces for the Price of One – Convertibles

Two Furnaces for the Price of One! – Convertibles

Convertible furnaces are Deltech products that you may not know about. Suppose you are planning on sharing furnace time with colleagues, but you need a controlled atmosphere tube design and they want a bottom loader. You really can have it all with a CVT/BL or CHT/BL model or even a CVTHT/Bl model that will allow you to orient the tube vertically or horizontally.

Here’s how it works: We start with a bottom load furnace which might feature an electric or a pneumatic lift. (Both provide smooth operation. The pneumatic requires a 100 psi air supply, but features variable rate operation. The electric lift has a fixed travel rate. Ask us if you need advice about which option is best suited for your needs.) Then appropriate tube openings are made in the top and bottom or sides or both. Super durable plugs are supplied for placement in the openings as needed.The plugs have heads which are flush with the furnace exterior so that they can be easily grasped and placed/removed.

How about a tube furnace which can be used in either a vertical or horizontal orientation? Yup, we make those, too. For low temperature (1200 degrees Celsius) furnaces, a mechanism allows rotation of the furnace from one orientation to the other. For furnaces using silicon carbide (up to 1500 degrees Celsius operating temperatures) and molydisilicide heating elements (1600-1800 degrees Celsius), we start with a horizontal tube furnace and then supply the appropriate openings and robust plugs, allowing the unit to be used with a vertically positioned tube.

And yet another scenario:  you need a tube furnace, but you want to use different size (outer diameter) process tubes for different projects. In this case we build the controlled atmosphere furnace for use with the largest diameter tube, and then supply robust plugs with center openings for use with the smaller tube.

So if versatility is what you need, let us help you decide on the best convertibles solution for your situation and process requirements.





All Deltech furnace systems are designed and manufactured in the U.S.A, and shipped and installed worldwide.