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Ultra-High Temperature Furnaces from Deltech

Tube furnaces, vacuum furnaces, box furnaces, and muffle furnaces are types of furnaces capable of reaching high operating temperatures. These high-temperature furnaces comprise heating elements on all sides of the chamber that ensure temperature uniformity for fusion and firing, sintering, melting, testing, and other processes.

Deltech supplies ultra-high-temperature furnaces to materials scientists and engineers for heating processes reaching 2000oC in air and controlled atmospheres — including under positive pressure and in corrosive environments.


What Are Ultra-High Temperature Furnaces?


Conventional furnaces are used in industry and research to heat materials such as metals, glass, and ceramics for tempering, annealing, carburizing, and other processes. These furnaces operate at various temperatures according to material melting points and desired results1.

They are also manufactured in a host of configurations, from the compact and portable to large installations. Regardless of their application, furnaces typically comprise heating chambers, cooling chambers, and loading mechanisms.

Ultra-high temperature furnaces are adapted to extreme heating applications in research and industry. They are fitted with radiant heating elements for excellent temperature control and uniformity.


Features of Ultra-High Temperature Furnaces from Deltech


As distinct from vacuum furnaces, Deltech ultra-high-temperature furnaces enable sustained operations in air at 2000oC. Economical in design compared to a vacuum furnace, a Deltech high-temperature furnace is ideal for fulfilling R&D heating requirements at elevated temperatures. Deltech high-quality furnaces provide:

  • Operation in air and inert atmospheres
  • A cast zirconia chamber lining
  • Optional atmosphere modification for bottom loading
  • Control systems featuring dual loop programming for precise heating control together with separate loop controls for pre-heating
  • An optical pyrometer for temperature monitoring
  • Two convenient, space saving models VT and BL: At 196 kg and 288 kg respectively, they feature furnace dimensions of 62cm x 50cm x 132cm and 61cm x 43.18cm x 124cm respectively

Either of the DT-36-BL or DT-36-VT models can be used as a bottom loader or with a vertical tube. Furthermore, custom modifications may be applied to these designs for customized process development.


Ultra-High Furnace Temperature Control Systems from Deltech


Deltech ultra-high-temperature furnaces are fitted with control systems certified UL508A compliant by Intertek2. Isolation switches, door interlocks, and an emergency stop are also fitted as standard. Deltech furnace control systems feature:

  • Control Concepts power controllers3
  • Eurotherm 3504 programmable temperature controller4
  • NEMA 1 enclosures allowing easy access to all components5
  • Olsun transformers6
  • Optional human-machine interface systems for remote access, data acquisition, and remote logging


Applications of Ultra-High Temperature Furnaces from Deltech


Deltech ultra-high-temperature furnaces may be used for:

  • Curing, sintering, debinding, fusing, and other processes in additive manufacturing (3D printing)
  • Heat drying, lead melting and label application in battery production
  • Sintering and pressing in powder metallurgy
  • Extracting metals from iron, lead, gold, and other ores during smelting
  • Thermal testing in quality control laboratories

There are several more Deltech ultra-high-temperature furnace applications serving the requirements of high-temperature furnace applications in many industries.

Deltech ultra-high-temperature furnace control systems emphasize safety and efficiency, featuring high-quality safety systems, control systems, heating elements, and custom designs.




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All Deltech furnace systems are designed and manufactured in the U.S.A, and shipped and installed worldwide.