Vertical Tube Installation Instructions

Vertical Tube Installation Instructions


  • Determine your preferred distance from the top of the furnace to the top of the tube.


  • Make a pencil mark on the tube at the distance you determined.
    View of vertical tube furnace top

    View of vertical tube furnace top with tube installed


  • With fiber wrap between the tube and the clamp, wrap around and tighten a hose clamp at the pencil mark.


  • Loosen the three metal fingers on the bottom of the furnace and slide them out of the way.


  • Slide the tube into the furnace through the furnace roof until the hose clamp holds the tube in place on the furnace roof.


  • On the bottom of the furnace, wrap the tube wrap around the tube three times.


  • Slide the three metal fingers inward onto the tube wrap.


Bottom view of vertical tube installed in furnace

Bottom view of vertical tube installed in furnace

  • Slide the hose clamp onto the notches in the three metal fingers and securely tighten.


  • Finally, tighten the three metal slotted screws that attach the three metal fingers to the bottom of the furnace.






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