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What is an Oscillating Motion Furnace?

Oscillating motion furnaces allow for agitation of melts before crystal growth. The design of oscillating motion furnaces means that furnace inclination can be adjusted regularly in addition to the variation of oscillation frequency and amplitude and the rotation of the furnace to a vertical position.

Rocking Oscillating Motion Ovens and Furnaces

Rocking/Oscillating Motion Ovens and Furnaces

What are Oscillating Motion Furnaces Used For?

At Deltech, we produce oscillating motion furnaces which are custom-made to suit customer design specifications. Our furnaces are used in such applications as stirring and melting glass in ampoules and then rapidly quenching the ampoules.  All our oscillating motion furnaces are lab-scale and are primarily used in research applications, particularly the containment of nuclear waste in glass.

Before nuclear waste is disposed of, it must be in a solid form which is resistant to leaching. Using an oscillating motion furnace is one of the ways in which nuclear waste can be converted into forms that are easier to manage, transport, and dispose of.

Initially, the waste is contained in a matrix such as cement, bitumen or glass which will maintain the stability of the materials whilst it is converted into a stable, solid form that is insoluble.

An oscillating motion furnace can then be employed to incinerate waste and remove combustible elements and non-hazardous waste, operating at temperatures of around 1000°C. The gases produced are filtered and the resulting ash then requires further conditioning prior to disposal.

Controlling Performance of Oscillating Motion Furnaces

The performance of oscillating motion furnaces can be managed by adjustments made to the frequency, which is the amount of oscillation cycles per unit of time (Hz). An endless frequency is used to signify steady operation.

The degree and speed of oscillation can also be altered according to the specifications of the investigation.

Oscillating Motion Furnaces from Deltech

Deltech produces a custom furnace that features oscillating motion. These furnaces can be used in many applications including the melting and stirring of glass in ampoules and in nuclear waste containment and study.

Our oscillating motion furnaces can employ both manual and programable oscillating motions with operating temperatures up to 1600°C. If you would like to find out more, contact us today.

All Deltech furnace systems are designed and manufactured in the U.S.A, and shipped and installed worldwide.