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What you need to know about furnace installation assistance

What you need to know about furnace installation assistance

If you purchase a Deltech production scale furnace or a Deltech specialty furnace (such as one of our 2000 degrees celsius models), on site installation assistance is normally included. To get maximum benefit from the site visit from Deltech technicians/engineers and avoid additional charges,  you should be aware of the following.

Deltech furnace systems are shipped in one or more crates, each weighing a minimum of several hundred pounds. The customer is responsible for unloading, uncrating, and placement of the systems in their facility, as well as the availability and connections of electrical power and other utilities such as air and water as applicable. Deltech systems require hard wire electrical connections by a certified electrician.  Deltech is responsible for supplying installation and operation manuals, which include recommended wire types and sizes and ratings for disconnects.  Pdf copies will be sent electronically in advance to help your team prepare for the process. The manuals also include information on the tools required for the initial uncrating, positioning, assembly, and leveling processes.

 When your furnace purchase includes installation assistance,  a site visit will be scheduled.  Please ensure that all required physical setup and facilities connections have been made prior to the arrival of Deltech technicians. If not, you will be invoiced for travel expenses, manhours, and the purchase of any additional materials and parts for any return visits triggered by incomplete furnace setup.

As you’ll see from the images below, the furnace, control system, and all related parts that require installation after shipment are packaged and crated to ensure secure shipping and intact arrival.  Successful unloading of the items requires at minimum a fork lift in conjunction with a loading dock or truck liftgate. Hand and power tools are required for the uncrating process. Bring out the forklift again for positioning and leveling of the equipment. Then comes the supply of utilities to the system. Insurance regulations and safety considerations prevent Deltech technicians from making any utility connections. Deltech staff provide services such as element installation, control system programming assistance, and user training. Contact us at 303-433-5939 if you have any questions about what to expect from the site visit.

Furnace on crate base

Production size top hat furnace on crate base

Production size furnace on crate base

Production scale top hat furnace on crate base

Parts on crate base

Control system, transformer, furnace parts on crate base



All Deltech furnace systems are designed and manufactured in the U.S.A, and shipped and installed worldwide.