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Why The Ceramic And Glass Industry Is A Great Career Path Today

Careers in Ceramics and Glass

From a technology and science perspective there has perhaps never been a better time to be involved to some degree in the ceramic and glass industry. Bright young minds with an abundance of creativity and scientific wherewithal are increasingly being drawn to this important industry and all that it offers. As a demanding and rewarding career field, delving into ceramic and glass research and manufacturing is an excellent option for those in search of long-term career stability. Working with engineered systems and products that make use of today’s highly advanced ceramic and glass materials requires having professionals trained in the latest industry advances.

Essential Modern Industries

As with the laser industry and the computer industry, there are a wide variety of innovative and unique materials needed in order to keep our technologically dependent world functioning normally. Just as the silicon chip revolutionized computing, ceramics and glass will likely continue to revolutionize an array of essential modern industries. For example, the electronics sector has an insatiable need and demand for multilayer ceramic capacitors. From television sets to mobile devices and computers as well as automobiles and a full host of essential household appliances, multilayer ceramic capacitors are integral to the circuits found in almost all modern electronics.

Superior To Titanium

Healthcare is another prime example of where ceramic and glass components are becoming increasingly popular and necessary. For example, ball and joint components that are used in hip replacements are frequently and increasingly made of ceramics. Most importantly, ceramics has proven in many ways to be superior to titanium and other types of metals when used in this type of medical application. Ceramic composite components used in medicine and a variety of surgical procedures help to promote a pain-free lifestyle and offer less likelihood that additional surgical procedures will be needed at a later time.

Incredible Levels Of Innovation

Transportation and energy also rely heavily upon ceramics for improved reliability and long-term dependability. In fact, research and a considerable amount of data have proven that pollution attributed to automobiles has dropped substantially because of modern ceramic honeycomb type structures. Unique ceramic honeycomb structures that are designed to effectively expose metal catalysts to the high temperatures associated with exhaust gases offer incredible levels of innovation. In the energy sector, gas turbine blades require reliable and dependable ceramic thermal coating to ensure maximum component protection. This results in turbine blades used to generate energy on the ground and in the air that operate hotter and more efficiently.

Internet Connectivity And Telecommunications

Finally, communications and infrastructure have benefited greatly from all the different innovations that ceramics and glass components make possible. Clearly encompassing the realm of modern ceramics and glass is the innovation known as fiber optics. Today’s interconnected telecommunications and Internet infrastructures require fiber optical products that are considered very high purity. Many millions of miles of this type of fiber optics ensures that cable television, Internet connectivity and telecommunications all operate without missing a beat. Infrastructure also enjoys advantages because of the modern versatility of ceramics and glass. Many high-temperature process systems used in industry and infrastructure today demand the latest cutting-edge ceramic technology.

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