About Deltech Water Cooled End Caps

About Deltech water cooled end caps

  1. Water cooled end caps allow access to the tube interior without removal of the caps themselves. This is accomplished with the use of flat end plates that can be easily removed. The plates can also be customized with special fittings such as hooks to meet the requirements of your process.

2. They can be used with both vertical and horizontal tube furnaces

Water cooled tube end cap

Water cooled tube end cap is pictured above.

3. They are machined using an aluminum alloy

4. The fittings are 1/4″ compression type and are included with the seals.

5. The interior o-rings are Viton; the o-ring which seals the end plate is silicone. These are included along with spare sets.

6. The temperature at the ends of the tube is less than 400 degrees Fahrenheit with the jackets in place and water running

7. The water pressure should be less than one pound per square inch

8. The water flow requirement is  ½ liter per seal per hour

9. The water should be chilled or room temperature. If the water enters at 40 degrees Fahrenheit it will exit at 140 degrees Fahrenheit

A note about Deltech vertical and horizontal tube furnaces: Optimal gas flowis 0-1 standard liter per minute. Operating pressures vary from vacuum to 3-4 psi. To protect the integrity of alumina process tubes, operation in vacuum is not recommended for temperatures greater than 1500 degrees Celsius

All Deltech furnace systems are designed and manufactured in the U.S.A, and shipped and installed worldwide.