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9 Feb

Element deformation

Element deformation When installed in the furnace and fired, molydisilicide heating elements can take on some interesting shapes. The characteristic “hairpin” can bow and bend. This is due to electro-magnetic forces. A certain amount of deformation is normal; see the photo below. The pictured Deltech furnace had been relined, new elements installed, fired to the […]

6 Aug

Furnace ramp rates

Furnace ramp rates   Furnace Ramp Rates for 1600-1800 °C Models   Initial Heating/Element Seasoning…  Ramp the empty furnace to 1550 degrees Celsius at the rate of 100 degrees Celsius per hour; then hold at 1550 degrees Celsius for one hour. This procedure conditions the molydisilicide heating elements by allowing formation of a glass protective […]

4 May

FAQs: Atmosphere Envelope Furnaces

20 Apr

Deltech furnaces meet NFPA 86 guidelines

Deltech furnaces meet current NFPA 86 guidelines The National Fire Protection Association is a nonprofit organization that promotes fire and electrical safety and related concerns. Despite its name, it has international reach. Perhaps you know the organization, through “Sparky”, their mascot that helps promote fire safety to children, a bit like Smokey the Bear promotes forest […]

7 Oct

Lab scale Top Hat furnace maintenance

Lab scale Top Hat furnace maintenance Do you have a bench top size “top hat” model Deltech furnace? If so, you’ll be interested in knowing the recommended maintenance for your furnace. We all know maintenance can prevent future problems. In the case of furnaces, it can help minimize future downtime and ensure operator safety, two […]

3 Jul

Why use a transformer? And why Olsun transformers?

  We’ve been asked why we control the power to molydisilicide heating elements using not only a phase angle fired SCR power controller, but also an isolation type stepdown transformer. After all, the SCR will do a good job of regulating the volts and amps required to fire the load, and the transformer is an […]

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